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Summer 2017
Explore all that Hollywood has to offer while discovering the controversy behind the Hollywood sign, a new restaurant on Melrose, the history and future of Clark Gable & Caorle Lombard's former love nest and the emerging theatre scene in LA that's giving New York a run for its money.
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Feast of Fantasy
The Edmon Restaurant resides inside the Hollywood Historic Hotel. Built in 1927 by S. Charles Lee, the National Landmark captures the beauty of a bygone era. During that time, its close proximity to The Paramount Film Studios made it home to talented stars of the silent film era. During the 1970s, storefront renters Edmon’s Unique Furniture and Stone Gallery began restoring the hotel to its former glory.
The Hollywood Sign
The Hollywood Sign, one of the world’s iconic symbols, identifies the Entertainment Capital of the World and serves as a metaphor of hope and dreams of success. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to every vantage point possible to get the best photos causing traffic jams and creating havoc on narrow hillside streets. For years, this area enjoyed its hillside location and proximity to Hollywood. Today, however, with the advent of GPS, smart phones and a 100 percent increase in tourism to Los Angeles, the area has become besieged by visitors seeking a close view of the world-famous sign.
Clark and Carole's Castle
The house was a jaw-dropping, turreted mini-medieval castle, rising majestically on a street near the center of Hollywoodland aka Beachwood canyon, its fairytale exterior a joy to behold. I’d done my homework, intrigued by its early Hollywood provenance and connection to Clark Gable and Carole Lombard.
Theatre in LA
...with a spotlight on The Fountain. Hollywood is heralded around the globe as the mesmerizing “movie capital of the world,” yet more plays are produced each year in Los Angeles than major motion pictures. In fact, Los Angeles has more live theaters and creates more theatre productions per year than any other city in the world. More than New York, Chicago or London. That’s right. Los Angeles. Surprised?
Summer Reading
Editor's picks for the Hollywoodphile
Why I Love Hollywood
I was in my 20s when I first came to Hollywood to chase my dreams and become successful enough to make sure my mother never worked a day in her life again. She was always my motivation. I told myself if I didn’t make it by 30, I would go back to New York and become a cop, as I originally planned. Instead, I ended up landing the role of a cop on CHiPs as Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncherello and provided my mom the life she always deserved.


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