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Hellcab - Theatre Review

by Harrison Held

Hell Cab is a very entertaining & enjoyable quick running one act 70 minute show currently at the Elephant Stages on Santa Monica Boulevard.  The show is back by popular demand for the holidays and well directed by David Fofi.  The play, written by Will Kern originates from Chicago where it's been one of the longest running shows in the city's history.  The premise is simple & well executed... a collection of colorful scenes from a day in the life of a nice well meaning Chicago cabbie played by Danny Parker-Lopes who does an excellent job.  It is set on a very cold day at Christmas time and according to production notes 85% true.  The other 15% are based on stories he heard.

 Hell Cab is a wild, funny & touching ride with great acting from the terrific cast of 25 plus performers, many playing multiple characters.  The scenerios range from bickering siblings, bible thumpers, druggies, psychos, amorous lesbians, obnoxious NY tourists, a pregnant woman on the verge of giving birth, a rape victim, a selfish conceited businessman on the make, an emotionally abused woman realizing her boyfriend isn't worth her time anymore & many more interesting & odd tales. 

Great work by the cast that includes Kimberly Alexander, Cody Andersen, Katherine Barcsay, Leshay Tomlinson Boyce, Eric Bunton, Meghan Cox, Anita Curran, Lawrence Dillard, Etienne Eckert, Kim Estes, Keena Ferguson, Jennifer Finch, Rey Goyos, Jason Konopsis, Scott Krinsky, Shannon McManus, John Charles Meyer, Marina Mouhibian, Erick Nathan, Tara Norris, Dominic Rains, Ethan Rains, Tim Starks, Charlotte Taschen & Joe Tomasini. 

Due to popular demand Hell Cab will return after the New Year

January 3rd to the 25th.

Visit for more information and to book your ride.

Report by Harrison Held 

Photos by James Pippi

Posted By Harrison Held on December 19, 2014 04:35 pm | Permalink