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From the Editor

The holiday season and beginning of a new year is a time for reflection and expression of love through gift giving and celebration. This year the season seems to have more relevance than ever. The world as we know it is changing in ways that are hard to comprehend.  Still the season of love and light and hope resonates and restores our spirit.

Legendary composer/producer/director Victor Schertzinger lived a brief 53 years yet made his mark in Hollywood. Don Seligsman's article includes not only the story of this man's accomplishments, it gives us a look at his estate built during our town's Golden Age.

Raleigh Enterprises has also made its mark in Hollywood and this year celebrates 60 years as a company and the centennial of the studio that now bears its name. It's a story of success and vision that saved "the little studio that could" from the wrecking ball.  We thank them for being a good corporate citizen of our community and contributing to our hometown industry.

 Just in case your holiday shopping isn't complete or you'll be out and about museum hopping with visiting friends and relatives, don't overlook the tantalizing wares in their gift shops. They are always fun to browse for important occasions all year long as Susan Hornik's article reports in her very informative article.

Each holiday season I wonder why do we celebrate love and joy so strenuously the last few weeks of the year? So as the year ends I'm making a promise to celebrate and acknowledge all we've been given in this great country, to hug friends and family and tell them I love them without waiting for a special occasion.

Please join me to celebrate every day for the gift that it is.

Editor's Note: Arslanian & Associates, Inc. celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. In addition to publishing Discover Hollywood Magazine, the firm also manages musical artists from the classic rock era and has produced concerts featuring legends from that era worldwide.  President Oscar Arslanian served as Chairman of the Board of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Vice President Nyla Arslanian, was named President Emeritus of the Hollywood Arts Council after serving as its president for 33 years.

Posted By Nyla Arslanian on December 22, 2015 05:01 pm | Permalink