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NFMLA Film Fest December 12th



Director: Sri Charan

Faced with her bible abiding, hard working father's failing health and his inability to provide for her education, eight-year-old Bargavi learns the ways of courage and hope by giving us an unapologetic and honest account of her life in Chennai slums.



Director: Mia Resella

Hand-drawn animated short about a boy and his shadow get into mischief past their bedtime.


Where is the Silent Majority

Director: Cassie Shao

Hand-drawn character animation with a story of a revolution of half-breeds against the tyranny of humans, lead by their self loathing human prince.



Director: Mattson Tomlin

Every day since an accident left his wife paralyzed and mute, Mark Seever has lived in fear. His fear does not stem from financial issues, concern for his wife, or stress over his job. Mark Seever lives in fear of his ten-year-old son, Connor.


Death has a Son

Director: Zack Ogle

Not looking to die young, Natalie makes a tawdry bargain with the Reaper: sex for her life. Six years later, Death has a mousey kid on his hands whose only friends are made of felt. Though apprehensive and terrified, Death's doing his best to fill the role of Daddy Reaper, but how close can a father and son get with the touch of Death in the way?

Documentary Feature Program #1
7:00pm - Pre-Reception, 7:45pm - Screening


Big Voice

Director: Varda Bar-Kar

BIG VOICE captures a year in the life of Mr. Huls and his most advanced choir to uncover what makes him such a remarkable teacher. We follow him as he strives to teach his students to focus, sing, and be professional, and how to achieve true musical artistry. Mr. Huls' undeterred passion for the choral arts and music literacy fuels his desire to exceed all standards and expectations.

Film Feature Program #2
9:00pm - Pre-Reception, 9:45pm - Screening


Jarthur the Alien

Director: Tyler Holtman

Jarthur the alien blob lands in Cheese Heights looking for energy for his planet, which he calls 'noonon.' He meets Alan the Scientist and the enthusiastic Lydia Lizard, who help him on his mission to save his planet. A fun and fantastical animated story suitable for all ages.

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