January 16 & 17, 2016 @ Raleigh Studios

1.               A CHILD OF GOD (24:00 Min.) by Angelique Marshall (Director) and Floyd Marshall, Jr. (Writer

Sean Johnson has some great news for his parents, at least that's what he thinks. After inviting them to his apartment to share his news an ensuing arguments erupts throwing the whole family into a state of chaos, confusion and bitter feelings.

2.               A LETTER TO MY SON (10 Min.) Maurice Hicks (Director|Writer|Producer) and Dave Norris (Producer)

A tired and worn, would-be father pens a hypothetical detailing his perspectives and fears to his unborn son.

3.               ALL FOR LOVE: THE DANCE (8:00 Min.) by Michael Harris (Director) and Michael Harris & Mike Estime (Writer|Producer)

When the relationship between a Haitian Man and a South Asian woman becomes too overbearing, a little help from his friends lift the blues as he contemplates being in a intercultural relationship.

4.               AMERICA'S PIT BULL (5:00 Min.)  by Romel Rose (Director|Writer|Producer) and Adrian J. Martin (Director of Photography)

In America, Black males are criminalized based on appearance and are often labeled as violent, vicious and inhuman. This short film highlights stereotypical images to challenge the stigmas surrounding Black men in our society.

5.               AS WE LAY (10:00 min.) by Hank Byrd (Director|Writer|Producer) and Ko Wryte and Benjamin Cole (Writer)

In a hotel room, a married man and the woman with whom he's had an affair must contemplate their actions the morning after.

6.               BEAUTIFUL THORN (15:00 Min.)  by Satie Gossett (Director), Shelah Mincey (Writer), and Laneease Adams (Producer)

A secret love affair between two women, slowly breaks one down and builds the other up.  After ending the affair, one falls into a dark, familiar world... the only question now is, who will pay for it this time? 

7.               BLACK CARD (min.) by Barrett Dennison (Director|Writer|Producer), Luis J. Galvis and April Dobbins (Producers)

Black Card is short comedy about a White guy who finds difficultly communicating to the Black community, so he applies for his very own Black Card so he can be accepted. However, he must pass a very intense interrogation by the Black Card gate Keeper.

8.               BORROWED TIME (24:00 Min.)  by Sam Salvodon (Director|Writer|Producer) Alexis Rajah, Wayne Norman and Will Tousaint (Writers) and Lid Touss (Writer|Producer)

Caught in a love triangle between her partner and husband, a police detective suddenly finds herself trapped in a time loop forced to relive the same day over and over again.

9.               CANDLES (8:00 Min.) by Brittani Nightengale (Director|Writer|Producer)

A single mother, finds herself celebrating her son's ninth birthday all alone.  Reality sets in when a visitor helps her move forward from her son who has been missing for a year.

10.            CUTTER (10:00 Min.) by April Dobbins (Director|Writer|Executive Producer), Xilong Liu (Director) Xinyue Chen (Producer)

After a brutal war, a woman goes door-to-door to reconnect families with their loved ones, but in this community of survivors, everything is not as it seems.

11.            DEE LOVES THE GIRL  (7:00 Min.) by Brian Lee (Director)

After a humiliating breakup with his girlfriend of two years, Dee stumbles upon the woman of his dreams at his local library. We are transported into the mind of Dee as he ponders what life would be like with the young librarian.

12.            DIAGNOSIS (19:00 Min.) Nia T. Hill (Director|Writer|Executive Producer), Shannon Nash, LaDonna Y. Hughley, Donna Hunter, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Tammy McCrary (Executive Producer), Jerome Martin, Shannon Nash, Anthony Maddox Brett Langefels (Producers)

A short documentary about Autism and the impact of the disorder on families.  The documentary addresses and uncovers the truths about why some Black and Brown children are not receiving the same medical diagnoses or are misdiagnosed. The narratives explore sadness, strength, joy, and the ultimate hope that binds us all to fight for a better tomorrow. 

13.            DIARY OF REFLECTION (3:00 Min.) Penda Diakite (Director|Writer|Producer)

This is a visual reflection of how I see women portrayed in popular culture, my feelings on it, and my experiences with it as an African-American female.

14.            END OF THE WORLD (12:00 Min.) by Sonya Dunn (Director|Writer) and Mychal Guyton (Producer)

Against all odds of winning, a young gamer must save his world from destruction.

15.            FOUND DEAD (15:00 Min.) by Emeka Mbadiwe (Director|Writer|Producer)

A young woman's compromise in hopes of making some extra money will lead her to a destination she could never have expected.

16.            GOD HATES BASEBALL (6:00 Min.) by Kevin Brooks (Director|Writer)

Faced with a devastating and unexpected loss, Jeremy finds himself in the middle of an age old struggle.

17.            HIGH YELLOW (21:00 Min.) by Romel Rose (Director|Writer|Producer)

A short film that dissects the stereotypes a young man faces in the professional world and within his own community based on the color of his skin.

18.            HOLD (7:00 Min.) by Eric Kolelas (Director|Writer|Producer)

In a post-apocalyptic world, a man burdened by his solitude discovers he is not alone.

19.            HOMELESS (2:00 Min.) by Vladimir Nicolas (Director|Writer)

A poem-based short film about homelessness and the homeless man Paul, who wanders into a big and rich city while trying to find out a place to call "home.

20.            HOUSE CALL (8:00 Min.) by Hank Byrd (Director|Writer|Producer)

When a well-meaning doctor agrees to help his quirky neighbors, he has a very unusual night.

21.            LAST CALL (40:00 Min.) by Ja'Ron R. Thompson, Sr. (Director|Producer) and Da Griot (Writer)

This is the story of a great relationship that gets bumpy and is tested.  After separating, one person moves on, but the other can't bare it.  One of them does the unthinkable and shocks the other with an action that will change their lives forever.

22.            LIFT EVERY VOICE (21:00 Min.) by  Dallas Alexis (Director) and Money Gray (Writer|Producer)

The Regents Exams are Mandatory assessment tests for every student who wishes to graduate from a New York State/City High School. This movie sheds light on how a teacher was able to get her students motivated and interested into the exam and their education by incorporating RAP and HIP-HOP lyrics into her lectures!

23.            LOITS JACKSON (26:00 Min.) by P.R. Hawkins (Director)

Lotis Jackson, A Young Man and his Dream, is a documentary short that chronicles the daily grind of a young man as he pursues his lifelong dream of being an R&B singer.

24.            MARVIN ROAD (19:00 Min.) by Tony "Phruishun" Spires (Director|Writer|Producer), Nate Jackson (Writer|Executive Producer), and Koji Jitosho (Producers)

Marvin Road is a dramatic short about two lifelong friends, on both sides of the law, dealing with the heat of the system closing in. Get out of the game? or Stay in til the end?

25.            ME, MY MOM AND DENNIS RODMAN    (4:00 Min.) by Jason Gilmore (Director|Writer)

Filmmaker Jason Gilmore regales with this hilarious tale of the time that he met NBA Star Dennis Rodman as a teenager -- and how his mom made the meeting stranger than it already was.

26.            ONLY ONE FOR YOU  (22:00 Min.) by King Carter (Director|Writer|Producer)

After witnessing his father abuse his mother as a child, Derrick picks up the same habits as a young adult.

27.            PAIN OF LOVE (38:00 Min.) by Alcee H. Walker (Director|Producer)

In an effort to chart his own survival, the filmmaker attempts to bring his family together for a family dinner - the first one of his lifetime.  A Documentary.

28.            PATIENT 4318 (14:00 Min.) by Moses "Mozzie Ssebandeke (Director|Writer|Producer), and Isaac Ssebandeke and Jonell Rowe (Producers) 

This film touches on pharmaceuticals, mental health and learning to move on from a traumatic event by receiving special treatment by revealing the root of the damage. 

29.            P.T.S.D. (3:00 Min.) by James Stallworth (Director|Writer)

After returning from Afghanistan, a military man experiences nightmares, major depression, losses job, his wife and all of his friends until he is diagnosed with PTSD.

30.            RAPTORS (16:00 Min.) by Kevin Brooks (Director|Writer) and Jonathan T. Floyd (Producer)

When Cedric and Terrence find out their childhood neighborhood is being terrorized by a local street thug they decide to take matters into their own hands and rid it of the problem.

31.            RESET (30:00 Min.) by Arun K. Vir (|Writer|Producer), Lance Dickinson (Producer)

A South-Asian/African-American woman descends into drug addiction while struggling with her difficult childhood.  After entering treatment at a rehab facility, working through issues of identity both physical and emotional, she learns recovery is a life-long process that holds no guarantees.        


32.            RIGHTEOUS (11:00 Min.)  by Cory Bowles (Director|Writer|Producer), Kevin Kincaid and Jeremy Harty (Producers), and Preston Hudson (Co-Producer_

What happens when work comes home uninvited.

33.            ROAD TO INFERNO (21:00 Min.)  by Alcee H. Walker (Director|Writer|Producer) and Michael Parness (Writer)

A young black boy abused by his mother and the streets where he grew up, must transform his demons into muses.

34.            ROOMMATES (12:00 Min.) by Sheryl A. Gauntlett (Director|Writer|Executive Producer), Beau Jadrosich and Samantha Rood (Producers)

Kiel Johnson plans to travel outside of the country and wants to sublease her apartment, and her choices include a freelance musician, a gay couple, and a grad student.  We witness each character display a skewed version of their selves and what rings true is "you don't really know someone until you live with them."

35.            SEXLESS AFTER 45 (20:00 Min.) by Joy Shannon (Director|Writer|Producer), and Joy Parris (Producer)

A comedy about women not getting' none.  A woman in her 30s whose love life has slowed down facing the fear that her love life will continue to be null and void, she goes on a mission to find out why this happens to many seasoned women and learns that she has to walk a few miles in the shoes of older women to learn some valuable love lessons.

36.            SOME TORCHES DON'T BURN (22:00 Min.) by Chris Reese (Director|Writer|Executive Producer) and Yu Tin Ko (Producer)

The film examines progress (realized or perceived) in the African-American community since the civil rights era, while telling the story of the films' patriarchal character Winston.

37.            THE BUS STOP (10:00 Min.) by Kevin Brooks (Director|Writer)

The Bus Stop is Kevin's directorial debut.  He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Journalism.  Since then his career has been spent working in the post production side of the film industry primarily at Universal Studios in the Sound and Video Department.

38.            THE DOUBLE DEAL (16:00 Min.) by Doug Rollins (Director|Writer), Mark Holden (Writer|Producer), and Patsy McKay (Co-Producer)

For Mathew Calder, life is about to change forever. An all night high stakes poker game results in not only the loss of a fortune, but very nearly his life as well. Whilst in a deep coma and in the twilight world between the life and death, he has an extraordinary experience and with it an opportunity to save himself, his life and future.

39.            THE LAST JOB (8:00 Min.) by Angela M. Gordon (Director|Producer), Ross Brooks, Nicole Roberts & Adam Thede (Writers) and Lynne Conner & Theida Salazar (Producers)

A harried government employee uses wit to sabotage potential interviewees in order to save her own ass, after the President makes the ground-breaking announcement that America has one new job (hers), as a result of the new economic stimulus package.

40.            THE PROPOSAL (40:00 Min.) by William Scales (Director|Writer|Producer) and Daniel Stafford (Producer)

Darnell and Renee are getting ready to celebrate their third anniversary.  Find out how everything turns out when Darnell decides to make the ultimate night by proposing to the woman he loves so dearly.

41.            THE ROAD'S END (8:00 Min.) by Benjamin Hunter (Director)

A man walks alone in a never-ending tunnel of nightmares, and when he sleeps, dreams of being in a beautiful world that he may have once called

42.            THE SYSTEM (13:00 Min.) by Larry Wright: (Director|Writer|Producer)

The System is a story about a Judge and a Prosecutor who only see things their way.

43.            TWO-A-DAYS (15:00 Min.) by April Wilson (Director)

A 15 year old female football fanatic decides to try out for the high school football team to the chagrin of her older brother, the star quarterback. Throughout tryouts, their relationship is challenged as she learns what it takes to make the team and how to be seen as an equal within her family.

44.            UNTOLD (17:00 Min.) by Ben Kaplan (Director) and Letia Solomon (Writer)

Untold is about a college senior struggling to find her peace and equally support her emotionally-disturbed boyfriend.

45.            WORDS FROM A SILENCE (6:00 Min.)  by Penda Diakite (Director|Writer|Producer)

Words from a Silence is a short abstract diary montage of the artist's thoughts, feelings and experiences as a bi-cultural female of color in the U.S. and Mali, West Africa

46.            YAMI BOLO - LOVE KEEPING US TOGETHER (4:00 Min.) by Rolando E. McLean (Writer)

Grammy-Award Winning Reggae Artist, Yami Bolo shares his beautiful message of love with the world.

47.            YOUR  LOVE (8:00 Min.) by Liala Petrone (Director), Oliver Webb (Writer), Nina Spensley (Producer), and Bridgette Wright (Co-Producer)

In a world where young couples have a hard time juggling family, career and temptation, one young couple takes the time to nurture their partnership and romance. "Your Love" explores a day in the life of James, a young violinist married with children.


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