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Theatre Review by Harrison Held

I had the pleasure  of recently seeing Skypilot Theatre Company's world premiere of Alternate Endings well written by senior playwright in residence, Jonathan Price.  It is a great production and I highly recommend it.  Alternate Endings is a well acted & well directed collection of entertaining monologues and diversely funny and dramatic scenes depicting what would happen if the world was on the edge of  destruction.  It was funny & poignant. 

Starting off the play was Presidential Address directed by Morry Schorr and featured talented Hudson O'Brien as a very Christian and very insane southern accented President of the United States.  The President makes a few more appearances throughout the show weaving madness and insanity. 

End of Days, a poignant scene directed by Nick Leland, featured Damien Landini as a well meaning but very dumb and racist redneck named Bill who is invited to heaven by Bruce A. Lemon Jr. as a  beloved African American Jesus.  You've got to see it to believe it.

Damien Landini and Bruce A. Lemon Jr

Climate Denier, directed by Morry Schor, features David Caprita as Old Farmer and also was very enjoyable. 

Gone Viral also directed by playwright Price features Randy Pound, Kelly Goodman, Christina Calph & Damien Landini as a group of research scientists under the gun for a missing formula.. It was a very funny and witty piece and revealed some good surprises.

Kelly Goodman and Randy Pound

Next up was Holopocalypse also directed by Price and featured Marie Pettit and Kelly Goodman as Tara and Joanna.  This well acted scene was mysterious and cryptic.  

Wave, directed by Kristina Lloyd, was next and was a humorous piece featuring Dwana White as Woman, a very tall very bewildered African American lady in super high high heels trying to make sense of it all before it is all over.

The wild & crazy Super World directed by Price featured the high energy duo of Christina Calph as Secret Identity & LeJon Stewart as Fierce Protector and was a fun light hearted escape. 

A.N.N. directed by Lois Weiss was one of the most intriguing & thought provoking scenes of the nite featuring Sean McCracken as Jerome & Emma Sperka as Ann. Not to give away any secrets but it was a very interesting scene about survival - man vs man made machine. 

O.C.D, directed by Nick Leland, is a great monologue well performed by Marie Pettit as a loony mom who has her share of psychological problems to commiserate about.. Should she save the world or save her drowning daughter? 

Last up was the very poignant Pompeii ll directed by Kristina Lloyd which was about a very likable older couple deciding how to spend their last moments alive.  It featured Thomas Evans & LB Zimmerman and was very moving.

Thomas Evans and LB Zimmerman

For more information about this great well acted and entertaining production visit and catch this world premiere before it closes.

Through March 1 at Studio Stage Theatre, 520 N. Western.

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