Pulp Shakespeare (or Bard Fiction) - Theatre Review

A review by Harrison Held

 Pulp Shakespeare (or Bard Fiction)

I really enjoyed this fast moving take on Quentin Tarantino's hit 90s film Pulp Fiction performed by an impressive & well trained cast at Theatre Asylum on Santa Monica Boulevard. 

This is a hot reboot of the 2011 Hollywood Fringe production originally directed by Jordan Monsell and now ably  & gamely helmed by 2014 Ovation Award Winner Amanda McRaven.   What a great  idea to adapt Quentin Tarantino's two & half hour movie to a 90 minute stage in 16th century England - the play has a built in audience from the film & the adaptation is fascinating, crazy, funny, silly & poignant & really works.  Who wouldn't be curious to see this Quention Tarantino's gem adapted to the language of the Bard?

Aaron Lyons stars as  hitman Vincenzio de la Verga & Dan White as  hitman Julius Winfield.  Both are terrific high energy actors playing the parts made famous by John Travolta & Samel L. Jackson in the movie.  Joining them is another  great actor - Christian Levatino - as the crazy insane jouster Butch.  All 3 actors reprise their roles from the 2011 production & do a remarkable job. 

Joining them is a fantastic ensemble of talent - one has to really pay attention & focus to understand the language of the Bard  & sometimes it was hard because of the nonstop laughter.   Pulp Shakespeare (or Bard Fiction) had been cleverly adapted by Ben Tailen, Aaron Greer and Brian Watson-Jones with cool Shakesperean costumes by Paula Higgins & simple set & lighting design by Aaron Lyons... Instead of coffee shops & theme restaurants which featured Marilyn Monroe & other lookalike servers this version takes place in taverns & dungeons.  No Marilyn lookalike servers in this Shakespearean version but who knows...  maybe in a future incarnation?  Also appearing in the production playing multiple parts  is a fine ensemble made up of Drew Derek, Dylan Jones, Julia Aks, Ian Verdun,  Matthew Hudacs & Marcelo Olivas.  Victoria Hogan & Gary Poux do fine work also appearing as Lady Mia Wallace & Lord Marcellus Wallace.

 Pulp Shakespeare (or Bard Fiction) plays til March 8th so get your tickets soon. 

Lots of F-Bombs & sexual content so not good for kids.  


www.pulpshakes.com www.combinedartform.com & www.theatreasylum-la.com Enjoy!   

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