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As the Publisher of a magazine devoted to promoting the unique culture and lore of Hollywood, it's a pleasure to see the Palladium Residences project coming along. Not only will it provide badly needed new housing, but it will restore and celebrate one of the most culturally significant venues in Los Angeles-the Hollywood Palladium, a community treasure.  It's important that the Palladium Residences features this iconic venue as the focal point of the site.  

I appreciate that the project is reasonable and in-scale relative to neighboring properties, and look forward to the new activity the Palladium Residences will bring to a currently overlooked portion of Sunset Boulevard. The large, open spaces and landscaped pedestrian paths will be terrific amenities for the public, not to mention the many environmentally friendly project features (rooftop terraces and water recycling for plantings among them) which make the Palladium Residences the kind of high-quality, neighborhood-serving development our community needs. Crescent Heights, the developer of the project, has gone to great lengths to seek community input as plans go forward.  This helps insure that the project will be a wonderful new addition to the area.    

Traffic is always a concern in our neighborhood and I am glad the Palladium Residences team has taken that into careful consideration, working to connect their project with the numerous alternative transportation options and offer discounted transit passes. I applaud the Palladium Residences for encouraging walking, biking, METRO and bus transportation in their planning, rather than an automobile-only focus. 

The Palladium is part of what made Hollywood world-famous and I am pleased to know that this project will preserve it for future generations in Los Angeles and the world to enjoy.

Posted By Oscar Arslanian on June 25, 2015 04:44 pm | Permalink