Circles - Theatre Review

By Suzanne Birrell

Lisa Harris and Blake Adams.  Photo by Gina Long

We are immediately brought into the downward spiral of relationship in Circles, a new play by Lisa Harris and playing at the Bootleg Theatre. The language is smartly convoluted from the first moment and we are sucked into one of those word game arguments between lovers that is unwinnable. The question of whether the relationship can survive infidelity drives the play forward though the end is readily apparent throughout.  From the beginning the woman, sensitively played by writer Lisa Harris, has a detached presence that makes the end predictable.  She has already resigned herself to abandonment.  She seems to care only for herself and her feelings and how she looks while pointing out that she is good in bed. Through it all the woman uses clever word games to twist and dig to make a bad situation worse. She manages to seduce the man but it is part of the game. In contrast the man, brilliantly played by Blake Adams, takes us through a roller coaster of emotions. We can relate to his emotion, his anger, his healthy moments of laughter (which the audience hungrily embraced) and although he technically was the person who made the unforgivable transgression, we were very ready for him to walk out the door.

Blake Adams and Lisa Harris. Photo by Gina Long

The interesting thing about Circles, is the two parts could be played by two woman or two men or by a man and woman playing opposite roles. It's not so much about men verses women as passion verses resignation and depression; the person who has hope verses the person who has lost it; the person who nurtures versus the person who destroys.  Although Circles presents a recognizable negative intercourse in a very realistic fashion (although in real life- they go one all night long), I think the play could have had some more moments of levity.

The Bootleg Theatre was the perfect venue for this new piece. The intimacy of the space was used exceedingly well.  Andrew Heffernan in his directorial debut did a fine job in the tempo and choreography of the piece. The set and lighting design by Emanuel Treeson was perfect.

Not suitable for children.

Circles is playing Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM at the Bootleg Theatre thru March 28.

Blake Adams and Lisa Harris. Photo by Gina Long

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