Hell Country, Florida

By Suzanne Birrell
Photos by Chuck Jones

(l-r) Chrissy Swinko, Rich Baker, Gillian Bellinger, Maya Estephanos

It's an hour of laughter at Second City with their New Show. If you've ever been to Florida, or if you simply watch the news, this show will tickle your funny bone.  The show really starts before the lights go up with recent news flicks of absurd happenings cross the monitors.

Irene White & Craig Caskowski

The ensemble plays a revolving cast of characters in this fast paced farce. Alligator attacks, sink holes, STD's, and hurricanes provide a backdrop along with recent news stories about Florida man and Florida Woman.

Craig Cackowski & Hans Holsen

The Ensemble is Rich Baker (a meteorologist), Gillian Bellinger (Spawn of the devil), Craig Cackowski ( the devil himself), Maya Estephanos the best best friend, Kevin Michael Hoffmna ( a cop with a secret), Hans Holsen (survives an alligator attack), Monique Madrid (Fast talking news anchor), Chrissy Swinkob(lost an arm to a shark), and Irene White (the devil's girlfriend and an arc-angel).  (Although with all the wigs and costume changes I may have this wrong)

Hysterically written and directed by Carla Cackowski. Brian Sturges was in the groove as Musical Director. Keeping notes was Chris Mc Gowan as Assistant Director. Stage Manager Mikey Hann must have been exhausted keeping up with all the changes.

Chrissy Swinko, Rich Baker, Maya Estabanos

The Devil would agree, a dose of laughter is always good for the soul.  Get yours at Hell County, Florida.

Fridays @ 8pm, Second City, 6560 Hollywood Blvd. 2nd floor


Gillian Bellinger & Maya Estephanos

Photos by Chuck Jones

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