A Little Bit of This and That

by Susan Hornik

NEW AT EASTOWN:  If you are looking for a way to wake up feeling amazing, head to Pressed Juicery Hollywood at 6201 Hollywood Blvd., in the new Eastwood Apartment Complex. Try an exciting morning of flavors perfect for the summer season! New seasonal offerings include Freeze, Pressed Juicery's dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan soft serve treat made of 100% fruits, nuts and vegetables. 

Try these exotic blends available through June:

Spinach, Romaine, Parsley, Activated Charcoal, Coconut Water Low in sugar (5g per serving) and calories (80 calories in the entire bottle) and contains toxin-binding activated charcoal to help your body detox.The activated charcoal is made from coconut shells is velvety smooth when mixed with coconut water. Parsley is one of the highest sources of Vitamin K, essential for blood clotting and bone health. Spinach helps improve digestion and is also rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin A, important for vision and a strong immune system.  

Kale, Romaine, Spinach, Yuzu, Pink Lady Apple, Cucumber, Jalapeno This spicy and sweet green juice is packed with Vitamin C, perfect for helping to boost immunity. Jalapenos are one of the richest sources of Vitamins A and C, and yuzu has more than three times the Vitamin C than a lemon. Cucumbers are one of the most hydrating vegetables, making this juice great for warm weather

VILLAGE DINING: The Larchmont is now serving brunch! The lovely craftsman-style bungalow restaurant, co-owned by Mathew Cape and Spoon Singh, have been drawing the Hollywood crowds in for two years. Executive Chef Kevin Kathman's charming California menu has a French influence, with straight-from-the-farm vegetables delivered from Spoon's newly seeded Ojai ranch. Located in the heart of  Larchmont Village, the restaurant-originally a 100 year old house-has a charming alfresco porch and indoor dining room. You can't help but feel relaxed, which makes it the perfect place for a leisurely weekend brunch!

The brunch menu include Deviled Eggs ($12) with smoked whitefish, caviar, and Meyer lemon; Sprouted Farro ($16) with Vietnamese spices, vegetables from Singh's ranch, and eggs or homemade tofu; The Stoner ($16) with peanut butter crunch French toast, maple bacon, and roasted banana, Benedict ($16) with smoked ham hock, and brown butter hollandaise on an english muffin; and King Crab ($26) with butter poached crab, béarnaise, crispy potato, and poached eggs; among others.

A kids menu priced at $10 per dish may feature Pancakes with organic maple syrup, and whipped cream; Scrambled Eggs with bacon,  fingerling potatoes, and toast; Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon; and French Toast with berries and whipped cream.

If you are looking for expertly made drinks, look no further than their local mixologist, who specializes in gin!


When they are not auditioning Season 10 singers, dancers, magicians and aerialists, "America's Got Talent" judges are eating lots and lots of donuts! During the red carpet Hollywood auditions held at the Dolby Theatre, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Nick Cannon talked to Discover Hollywood's Susan Hornik about Dunkin Donuts, which is now one of the popular show's sponsors.

"My absolute favorite donut has cream on the inside and chocolate glaze on top," admitted Heidi Klum. "I am always looking for that one! They send us boxes and boxes, and if that one is not in there, I look for it!  If you eat one, you really want one with the cream in it!"

Klum's kids are Dunkin Donut fans too.  "They eat very healthy throughout the year. But every once in a while, why not?! They can indulge and have one! Just like we all do!

Nick Cannon is an old school donut kind of guy. "I love glazed donuts. I just like the regular OG (original gangster) of it. A good old fashioned glazed donut and I am happy!"

When he's not on set, Cannon is kitchen challenged. "I can't cook so I am going to keep it simple! I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches: white bread, peanut butter and grape jelly! Let's go! I am just getting turned onto this whole organic peanut butter. I heard the commercial brands we grew up with don't have real peanuts. So for me it's organic peanut butter, any kind of jelly and white bread and I am good!"

If there are any empty Dunkin Donut boxes, it's probably because Howie Mandel was around---he loves every donut imaginable. "I literally could eat a baker's dozen!" he quipped.

EASY SPRING CLEANING: Are you in need of a good spring cleaning but don't have the time? Check out Homejoy.com, an online platform (and iPhone app) that connects people with background-checked and tested home cleaning professionals. Discover Hollywood talked with Anton Zietsman, Homejoy's general manager, about the company.

How is business in the Hollywood area?  "Hollywood has always been one of the most thriving neighborhoods for Homejoy. We have great coverage in Hollywood due to the high density of apartments and condos, and proximity to the Valley. And many of our partners enjoy long-term client relationships in Hollywood!" 

Why is Homejoy such a great idea? Your home is in expert hands. When it comes to your home, you have a right to be picky. That's why all Homejoy cleaning professionals are rigorously screened, background checked and must maintain stellar ongoing client reviews.

It's simple, speedy and seamless. Homejoy instantly matches you with verified cleaning professionals in your area. The whole booking process takes less than 60 seconds - and cleaning professionals will happily take care of add-ons and special requests, such as laundry service or non-toxic cleaning supplies.

You can enjoy more free time and less headachesOutsourcing your household chores gives you more time for the important things in life. Booking regular appointments lightens the load when life gets busy, and gets your home into a routine. Just set it, forget it and leave the rest to us!

 Homejoy giftcards  are great gifts all year-round.

HAIR TRENDS: "We make house calls," said Hollywood colorist Erick Orellana, who works at Sally Hershberger Salon in West Hollywood. "Time is the new currency, many high profile clients, who are producers, celebrities and industry executives, sometimes prefer that I go to their homes. They like the privacy and not being haggled by the paparazzi.."

Having a hair housecall is not just for the Hollywood elite, Orellana is always available to come to your home.

Orellana is seeing more of a natural coloring trend. "Women want hair color that is easy to grow out, low maintenance, and looks as close to uncolored as possible. Since we are transitioning into summer, highlights that blend, and color that looks like your own, are in high demand at the salon. While it is not easy to achieve this, with my years of experience I have mastered coloring with a natural looking finish."

 Added celebrity hairstylist Nicholas Flores: "Hair this year has been all about the undone looks...women are looking to achieve more of the second/third day looks. It was all about the bob lasted year; women now have the "clear the shoulder bobs" aka chin length or right above shoulder. Even A line bobs are making a striking comeback!"

Flores said that mid-length hair with lots of texture has also been a huge haircut this season. "We are seeing less and less extremely long haired girls these days. Men have also evolved this year from last years severe cuts, shaved sides and long tops, which then moved into the popular man bun. This season it's all about the men's classic styles.


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