Imagining Brad - Theatre Review

A review by Harrison Held.

Sarah Randall Hunt & Sirena Irwin

Imagining Brad is a powerful, poignant & peculiar  80 minute 2 character play written by Academy Award nominated writer Peter Hedges ( About A Boy, Dan In Real Life, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Pieces of April).  It has been playing Wednesdays at 8pm at Theatre Asylum on Santa Monica Boulevard.  The play stars Sirena Irwin as flashy and saucy Dana Sue Kay and Sarah Randall Hunt as a sweet wall flower known only as Brad's Wife. The two totally opposite ladies meet at a Nashville church where overly domineering Dana Sue Kay is all flash and razzle dazzle working overtime to befriend the innocent recently married other character.  It's easy to see why Ms. Irwin has received much acclaim for her role of Lucy Ricardo in the touring production of " I Love Lucy Live On Stage" - she's a total spitfire  and is non stop combustible energy & pizzazz.

As the story progresses we get to see that seemingly perfect vivacious Dana Sue Kay is actually a total mess on the inside and a victim of horrible domestic abuse. She spins webs of stories to Brad's Wife to win her over constantly boasting about how sensational her life is, how amazing her husband is etc etc when  is it actually the total opposite. Brad's Wife was also a victim of domestic abuse from her father  growing up but she has been lucky enough to find the perfect supportive dream husband in her beloved Brad.

Brad never appears on the stage, never appears in photos and doesn't really do much at all...  He has no limbs and spends most of his time sleeping but he is the unconditional  love of her life and supports her dreams of being a country singer.  Both actresses are great & Sarah Randall Hunt is a gifted singer as well.  Imagining Brad is well directed by Clare Carey who has many acting roles to her credit as well. 

Tickets are only $20 with 33% of all proceeds donated to non-profit agencies that help survivors of domestic abuse and provide outreach to prevent it happening.  The ladies behind this production are keen on breaking the cycles of abuse that lead to ongoing domestic abuse... Kudos to them all. 

Imagining Brad will be back on stage following the Hollywood Fringe Festival this summer -  Visit for more information.  There have been informative talk backs with the director and actresses after each performance with guests from Haven Hills, Rainbow Services, Peace Over Violence, Mentors In Violence Prevention, Southern California Counseling Centre and Good Shepherd Shelter.  Well Done Ladies!

Wednesday May 27, 8pm
And July 9-July 25, 8pm at
Asylum Theatre Hollywood,
6320 Santa Monica Blvd

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