Front Door Open - Theatre Review

Review by Erin Fair

David Selby and Joanna Miles.  Photo by Ed Krieger

Front Door Open is a play about an agoraphobic woman named Eleanor and how it affects her surrounding family.  She hasn't left her house in years and is comfortable with it due to her surgeon husband Douglas taking care of her. This semi-functional relationship is put to the test when their daughter Gretchen and granddaughter teenager Thalia make a surprise visit.

Lizzy Rich and Anna Nicholas Photo by Ed Krieger

Their "visit" turns out to be a proposal about relocating. At first Douglas and Eleanor are lead to believe that Gretchen and Thalia are homeless due to Gretchen getting fired. Why Gretchen was fired, why Eleanor has agoraphobia, and why everyone feels "trapped" trickles out throughout the play. Shifting blame and focus instead of taking responsibility for your own failings is the running theme of Front Door Open. There are some great performances as well as relatable subjects that any viewer may find themselves in. However, as each new problem is presented you may find yourself as the viewer wanting more closure than the play provides. Open endings are thought provoking as much as it is frustrating, but it does represent life.


Joanna Miles Photo by Ed Krieger

This is a play about taking responsibility for your actions in your life. Each family member has a deep seeded secret that that they must deal with. However, looking internally is hard to do when you can easily shift blame to another family member. This unhealthy behavior has been going on for three generations and finally concludes at the family residence. These four flawed individuals seek redemption and ask for forgiveness. Strong acting from the cast, anchored by a stand out performance from Joanna Miles as Eleanor. This is one dysfunctional family that you can spend ninety minutes with. I recommend Front Door Open because it is relatable to anyone on a basic level.  It reminds us that life is an open book full of blank pages, you must write the story as you go.

David Selby and Anna Nicholas Photo by Ed Krieger

Front Door Open is playing Friday - Sundays thru Dec 13

Greenway Court Theatre

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