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Watching Kilroy Realty's Columbia Square and Hudson Pacific's Hollywood Icon take shape on Sunset Blvd. is easy because of their highly visible locations. Equally impressive, however, is J.H. Snyder's $138 million, 244,000 sq. ft. HOLLYWOOD 959 office campus nearing completion on the CFI site at Seward and Romaine in the Media District between Santa Monica Blvd. and Melrose Ave.

Comprised of two glass-enclosed five story office buildings designed by architecture firm Ware Malcomb, the project is rising on a lot across Romaine Street from Hollywood Center Studios which dates back to 1919 and is one of Hollywood's oldest movie studios.

Envisioning the environment of a movie studio or tech campus, HOLLYWOOD 959 will include an on-site restaurant, fitness center and screening rooms as well as an outdoor recreation space.

Principal Jerry Snyder, who has been in the real estate business since 1949, believes demand is strong enough among businesses in the creative entertainment fields such justify building a campus-style complex catering primarily to the industry.  

"We think that a lot of the entertainment and the media companies would like to have this kind of space." Snyder said.

One of the first tenants to sign on is major motion picture company, Broad Green Pictures, who are taking 33,000 sq. ft.  Broad Green has recently produced "A Walk In The Woods" with Robert Redford,  Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson,  "Learning To Drive" with Patricia Clarkson and Ben Kingsley and  "99 Homes" with Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon.

These projects means not only new jobs and new residents and increased activity attracting clientele who will shop dine, attend theatres and become part of the cultural and economic fabric Hollywood, with this new campus in the heart of the Media District, there's no doubt that Hollywood's key business star is rising once again. Is a new Golden Age far behind?

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