My Mañana Comes - Theatre Review

A Review by Suzanne Birrell

Pablo Castelblanco, Lawrence Stallings and Peter Pasco / Photos by Ed Krieger

My Mañana Comes now showing at the The Fountain Theatre is more than just a play about behind the scenes at a restaurant. Though it shows the economic concerns of local citizens verses illegal immigrants,  it shows the economic concerns of the dwindling middle class. If you've worked in the restaurant industry you have probably met these characters, or maybe you were/are one of these characters.

My Mañana Comes follows the concerns of four restaurant workers. Jorge played by Richard Azurdia (left) is in the United States without papers and is working hard, spending little and saving money to build a house in Mexico. Pepe played by Pablo Castelblanco, is recently arrived from Mexico, also without papers, and spending on Nike shoes and the night life and is looking forward to his friend joining him soon.

Peter, played by Lawrence Stallings, (right) has a wife and little girl and needs every penny he can earn to pay for school, shoes, and child care. Whalid, played by Peter Pasco enjoys life hand to mouth. The bus boys vie for shifts and bemoan slow nights when shift pay is all they have to tie them over. When the management decides to cut shift pay, Peter tries rallying the quartet to collectively walk out. Absolutely stellar performances by the entire ensemble. Almost scary how believable each was in their respective roles.

Peter Pasco and Richard Azurdia

The language and choreography of My Mañana Comes is spot on. Writer Elizabeth Irwin has captured the subtle nuances of the language of bus boys.  Director Armando Molina did a masterful job capturing the flavor of restaurant kitchens. In particular the scene changes were very artistically done with an innovative sound design by Christopher Moscatiello and light design by Jennifer Edwards. The set design by Michael Navarro was complete down to the running water in the sink. The props by Dillon Nelson was detailed as well. Congratulations to Emily Lehrer for keeping a smooth running well choreographed show.

My Mañana Comes features effervescent performances of a sensitive and knowing script exquisitely directed. Don't miss this one.  Through June 26, 2016.

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