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Call for Artists:


Democracy, citizenship, freedom. Three years after the Civil War, the 14th Amendment was ratified to the Constitution. The second of three Reconstruction Era Amendments, it was set in place to grant citizenship to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States". For the first time in American history this included people that were formerly bound by slavery which fundamentally changed the nation's identity and civic discourse.

Today, citizenship is still evolving as it intersects a host of political issues such as voting rights, immigration reform, education, identity politics, criminal justice, etc. Considering the increase of mass protests throughout the nation, what does it mean to be an active citizen or to exercise your rights? What does the status of "citizen" imply to those that are disenfranchised, displaced, immigrants, or refugees? In what way does identity play into the privileges and/or duties of citizenship? 

As we approach the election of our 45th president, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery is seeking work that engages or is in response to citizenship and its contemporary relationship to the American political system. In doing so, the Gallery hopes to create a platform whereby the creative community can contribute, participate, and expand upon the complex nature of our government as it relates to the American people.​

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