Newsies - Theatre Review

A review by Suzanne Birrell.

Newsies! The crowd was ready when the show opened last night at the Pantages. The cheering started with the first notes and some folks gave a standing ovation after the first song/dance. If you didn't see it last year -go. If you did see it last year, it's back with a new cast and dancing that will knock your socks off. The story starts with the main character Jake (Joey Barreiro) singing to his friend Crutch (Andy Richardson) about wanting to move to Santa Fe, where the air is clear and you can ride Palomino horses. It's a great song but you can tell the audience was waiting for the newsboys. When they hit the stage, the whistling started-A lot of teenage boys and young men in the audience.

Newsies won 2012 Tony Awards for best score and choreography and has quickly become one of the all-time great dance productions. From hard hitting tap routines where every foot hits the floor at the precise same time to incredible gymnastic feats where they hit the floor on the beat. Newsie Jordan Samuels could do a relaxed flip which seem to be in slow motion. The crowd went wild every time. All in all: Exhilarating. Powerful. And wonderful harmonies.

Joey Barreiro was Jake Kelly. Dramatic dynamics between the opening scene and the end of the act. And he can sing! Aisha de Haas has just the right comic timing as Medda Larking and a voice that carries to the dark shadows. Morgan Keene played Katherine with daring color, great dancing and a voice that can carry through a chorus of men. Stephen Michael Langton as Davey has a wonderful tenor voice. Nine year old Turner Birthisel captured hearts with every line. Kevin Carolan was particularly fun as Mr. Roosevelt. Bad guy Mr Pulitzer was played with vim and vigor by Steve Blanchard who has an absolutely terrific voice. The entire cast was spot on.

This show is definitely suitable for all ages. I highly recommend it as a must see-DO NOT MISS. It's only in town for one short weeks. Get your tickets HERE!  Read more about the show HERE!

Runs thru September 4 at The Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

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