Please Don't Ask About Becket - Theatre Review

A review by Rachel Flanagan.

Deborah Puette and Rachel Seiferth. Photos by Ed Krieger

Please Don't Ask About Becket
is the story about love, loss, family and finding your place in the world.  Emily Diamond (Rachel Seiferth) narrates the story about her and her twin, Becket (Hunter Garner).  The story starts out as many happy families do.  Midwest born Rob Diamond (Rob Nagle) and his wife Grace (Deborah Puette) find out that they are pregnant and give birth to a tiny baby girl. Soon after, Grace discovers she was carrying twins and gives birth to her son, Becket. Rob is a successful studio mogul who provides his family the best that money can buy while Grace is the dotting mother, providing for her children and hoping they are happy.  Emily and Becket are two peas in a pod but over time a shadow looms and a separation grows between the twins.  Award Winning Playwright Wendy Graf brings a captivating story about a family who loves each other so much but unable to figure out how to be enough.

Hunter Garner and Rob Nagle

Emily adores Becket and feels so incredibly grateful to be his twin, but she struggles with this constant feeling of being less than.  It seems that Becket got the looks and the charisma so he never struggles with girls or friends or attention.  Emily, on the other hand, was smaller and less attractive and less outgoing and struggles with being something other than Becket's twin.  If it isn't Becket, it's everyone finding out who her dad is and wanting to get an in with Rob Diamond. Becket may have the looks and the personality but what Emily and his parents fail to see is that he struggles with keeping it together.

Please Don't Ask About Becket tells a relatable family dynamic. Parents, who try to provide every opportunity for their children, a sister who feels a mere shadow to her brother, and a brother who struggles to be what everyone else thinks he is. More than anything, this is the story of a family who loves each and tries so hard to be enough for each other.

Regardless of the struggles and the fights, the family is doing their best. When Becket finds himself in trouble that no amount of money will bail him out, will the family find a way to stay together or will they each have to find a way to live without Becket? It's been years since he disappeared and Emily has grown up and has a family of her own, but she still struggles with that phantom limb that haunts her. Emily used to have a twin, but it's a complicated story, so Please Don't Ask About Becket.

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(left: Rob Nagle and Rachel Seiferth)

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