From The Editor

Everything is topsy-turvy these days, post-election drama and the usual holiday scramble are making our lives even more hectic. Add to this Hollywood's Awards Season and the mood is electric. In the midst of all this, we take a pause to acknowledge the contribution that Capitol Records has made not only to our culture but for adding one of the world's most recognizable structures to our skyline. While our famous sign identifies an industry and the entire city of Los Angeles, it's the round "tower" that identifies the place like no other monument. Former Capitol executive Scott Martin gives us a tour. Not long ago I opened my mail and found an article written by 96-year-old Morris Schulatsky one of our readers. He takes us back to postwar Hollywood and the delight this returning soldier found as he not only discovered this town but made it his home for the next 60 years. It might be hard for some to believe, but it wasn't that long ago that one of this town's complaints was the lack of quality restaurants. Thankfully, Musso and Frank Grill, now in its 98th year, has carried on through thick and thin. Now a generation of new restaurants and celebrity chefs are making Hollywood a culinary destination. Our Around Towncorrespondent, Susan Hornik, keeps us updated in her monthly blog on our website. She encouraged us to start a regular column noting that the most viewed photos on social media are food. In our first restaurant feature article, we focus on celebrity chef Betty Fraser whose Grub restaurant has become a go-to favorite in Hollywood's Media District. As we ring out the old, getting ready for the new, 'tis the season of resolutions. We contacted A&E's on-camera organizing expert and Los Feliz resident Standolyn Robertson to help us keep our promise to get organized this year. You can see Standolyn in action when she takes on challenging assignments on the Emmy-nominated Hoardersshow. We never know what the future will bring.  Chaos, monuments, history, awards, food and New Year's resolutions. Now if we only get some rain this winter season, this will turn out to be another great beginning of a new year in Hollywood-for me always the most exciting, intriguing and beloved places in the world.
P.S. In November, we said goodbye to Assistant Editor Suzanne Birrell who left us to take a music teaching position in Santa Fe, New Mexico, whose school system strongly supports arts education. Santa Fe's gain is our loss. Suzanne also edited our E-News, initiated live theatre reviews and our comprehensive list of area film festivals. Suzanne is a contribution wherever she goes.

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