Past Time - Theatre Review

A Review by Suzanne Birrell

Leon Russom & French Stewart.

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Sacred Fools Theatre closed their last show 63 days ago and mounted a new show in a new space this past week weekend. It was a gala event. With a new electrical grid above our heads, a redesigned lobby and freshly painted just that morning bathrooms, the dressing rooms, we were informed, had not been touched. Theatre's best friend Council member Mitch O'Farrell was on hand to congratulate the company on their new space and hard work. His words, "Where there is art, there is life; where there is life, there is vibrancy; and where there is vibrancy, there is a great city" rung true with the audience.

Julia Griswold & Josh Weber

The inaugural presentation  is a brilliant play from Padraic Duffy, exquisitely directed by Jeremy Aldridge, and superbly acted by a wonderful cast. Past Time is a story of love. James (Leon Russom) puts up with his friend Lou's humorous diatribe on color because he loves his friend. Lou, recently widowed wants to paint unicorn's to honor his wife's memory. James sleeps on the couch because he and his wife Delilah (Ruth Silveira) have misplaced their love for each other. Chris, (Josh Weber) James and Delilah's grandson can't seem to be himself around the love of his life, Meredith (Julia Griswold).

Left: French Stewart

Past Time is a beautifully woven story of acceptance and remembering. With a well-crafted story penned by Padraic Duffy, Jeremy Aldridge takes the audience on a journey of laughter and tears that ends with happiness so exquisite we cry. French Stewart as Lou shares emotions from the depth of his soul. Josh Weber as Chris is endearingly innocent. Ruth Siveira as Delilah is simply delightful. Julia Griswold as Meredith entertains us with her great comic chops. Leon Russom moves thru absurdities with total believability.

The set design by DeAnne Millais definitely  added to the magic as did the lighting by Matthew Richter and costumes by Maimee Froemming. Masterful sound design by San Hoal and composer Zachary Berstein.

In Past Time we remember it's the little things that matter. We care about the characters and their relationship with one another. With a Swedenborg undercurrent the character James says to Delilah," I'm only me, 'cause you're you." Chris and Meredith get past the fear of being themselves. Lou shares the magic of his love and we the audience are richer for having been there.

Right: Leon Russom & Ruth Silveira

Past Time is one of those shows you just sit back and experience. Don't miss it.

Thru March 26, 2016

 Sacred Fools at the Lillian Theatre

1076 N. Lillian Way, Hollywood, 90038

Reservations (310) 281-8337

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