NFLM Shorts Film Fest January 16

Shorts Program
5:00pm - Pre-Reception, 5:45pm - Screening


The Loyalist

Director: Minji Kang

A North Korean general checks in on his daughter at a Swiss boarding school to test her loyalty to her motherland.


Into Memory

Director: Derek Franzese

When a dying young man is released from the hospital for hospice, his closest friends and family surprise him with a small celebration of his life to create one last memory for him.


The Girl in the Green Dress

Director: Johanna Goldstein

A surreal drama set in the conservative world of America's 1950s housewives, exploring themes of modern feminism and sexual liberation. Contemporary dance is intertwined with narrative, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy in the vein of The Stepford Wives and Mulholland Drive.


The Doctor is In

Director: Noah Gilbert

A young psychiatrist goes out to lunch with a seasoned colleague. He quickly realizes that his new friend's appetite extends beyond matters of the mind...


And the Wind Falls

Director: Shuming He

Desperate to reunite with her daughter, a cash-strapped motel housekeeper finds a potential answer: a dead guest's bag of money. Millie spends thankless days cleaning up after others as she dreams of overcoming her past and regaining custody of her estranged daughter.

Documentary Shorts Program
6:45pm - Pre-Reception, 7:45pm - Screening



Director: Nick Johansson and Robert Larson

SLAM follows an Asian-American man entering his first ever body building competition. After several years of planning and training, we watch our hero's innate desire and drive to be the best at whatever he does, reaching his zenith as he steps on stage to finally bear his brawn. His name is Ricky, people call him SLAM.


Legacy of Exiled NDNZ

Director: Pamela J. Peters

LEGACY OF EXILED NDNZ documents the lives of young American Indians currently living in Los Angeles, California, while functioning as a tribute to the first generation of relocated (exiled) Indians as mandated by the United States Congress through the Relocation Act and managed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs' (BIA) starting in the 1950's.



Director: Arjun Kamath

A mini documentary about Los Angeles based performing artist Olga Sokolova. This film explores the life of Olga, a spirited performance artist who travelled the world to follow her dreams.



Director: Eriksson and Alexander Rynéus

A new, overwhelming era is approaching from the sidelines. The boundaries between what is real and unreal are becoming increasingly blurred through technological advances. Is there a limit for what can be replaced? Autonomous is an intense, emotional look into a future that is already here.

Feature Program
8:30pm - Pre-Reception, 9:25pm - Screening


Air Sex: The Movie

Director: Jonathan Evans

Part tour documentary, part comedy special, and part exploration of modern sexuality, director Jonathan Evans embarks on one hell of a fun ride as he follows comedian Chris Trew on the raunchy, hilarious coming-to-a-town-near-you social phenomenon known as The Air Sex World Championships.

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