Indie Films Aug 5-11


            Sun Choke. Written and directed by Ben Cresciman. Produced by Wandie Kabule, Georg Kallert, Peter J. Nieves and Rob Schroeder. From XLrator Media. (Color, 2016, USA, 83 minutes, not rated) Mystery/Thriller. Starring Sarah Hagan, Barbara Crampton, Evan Jones, Sara Malakul Lane, Joe Nieves and Annie Read. As she recovers from a recent violent psychotic break, Janie (Hagan)is subjected each day to a bizarre holistic health and wellness regimen designed, and enforced, by her lifelong nanny and caretaker, Irma (Crampton). Janie begins to veer off the road to recovery when she develops an obsession with a young woman, Savannah (Lane), that Janie feels an inexplicable yet profound connection to. The obsession turns increasingly invasive, and wedges all three women into an ever-tightening, and terrifying struggle for control. Will Janie pull herself back from the precipice of insanity? Or will she go over head-first, taking anyone nearby down with her?

            Winner: Knoxville Horror Film Fest.

            "Beautifully crafted and exquisitely shot."---The Hollywood News

            Let's Be Evil. Directed by Martin Owen. Written by Owen, Elizabeth Morris, Jonathan Willis. From IFC Midnight. (Color, 2016, U.K., 83 minutes, not rated) Thriller. Starring Kara Tointon, Elliot James Langridge, Isabelle Allen, Jamie Bernadette, Paul Casar and Helene Wilson. Jenny (Elizabeth Morris) is a twenty-something living at home with her ill mom. She gets a job offer, from a radical, cutting-edge education program, that will pay her enough to cover her mom's medical expenses. Jenny, in true gothic tradition, has to travel away from home to some distant place that's mysterious and sort of dark and shadowy and probably really damp. She ends up in the basement level of a building. You know things are not going to go well. Then Jenny puts on some high-tech virtual reality glasses.....

            "Refreshes the classic elements of a thriller and makes them more potent than ever before..."---Film Colossus

            Lace Crater. Written and directed by Harrison Atkins. Produced by Joe Swanberg, Lawrence Dai and Adam Kritzer. From Invincible Pictures. (Color, 2016, USA, 83 minutes, not rated) Comedy/Fantasy. Starring Joe Swanberg, Lindsay Burdge, Betsey Brown, Peter Vack, Jennifer Kim and Steve Girard. A woman encounters a strange presence in a guest house. Supernatural sexual hijinks ensue, with unpredictable consequences.

            August 5- August 11, 2016. Contact venue for show times. Admission: $14 each feature.

Information:  (323) 306-0676 . Online ticketing:

            At Arena Cinema Hollywood, 1625 N. Las Palmas Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028. Discounted parking is available with validation at lots adjacent to the venue and across the street.           

            Arena Cinema is Hollywood's new home for independent films, powered by Voltaire Media.

            Ranked among Top 5 Indie Movie Theatres in Los Angeles by CBS2.

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