A Whole Newd World- Hollywood Fringe Theatre Review

A Review by Rachel Flanagan.

A Whole Newd World - Cherry Tales at the Knock Shop mixes Disney princesses and fairy tales with Into the Woods meets cabaret meets burlesque. Cherry Poppins productions, a production company that creates fun interactive theatre experiences with current themes all over the Los Angeles area and the production they've brought to this year's Hollywood Fringe festival is a doozy. 

A Whole Newd World
tells the story of Little Rojo, and the trouble she finds after getting lost on her way to grandma's house.  Each character in this Cherry Tale was a stand out in personality, beauty and talent.  A few of the standouts include Tyler Olshansky, who played Lezmerelda had an amazing voice and Brin Hamblin, portraying Pocahotass was an extraordinary dancer. Andy Kenarki portrayed the Genie in a rip-roaring hilarious way and Spencer Hayden was a breath of fresh air as the cute Gus Gus, picking up the stray clothing that the lay in the aftermath of each and every musical number.  The musical numbers were clever and exhilarating with dancing and a unique experience each time. If you want to supply an "empty seat" for Little Rojo or get an up-close and personal experience with the show be sure to get there early to sit up front but otherwise, be sure to get a drink and relax and enjoying an amazing Caburlesque (Not just cabaret and not just burlesque) experience from Cherry Poppins productions.

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