Annie Reiner - Entertainer Extraordinaire

An Interview with Suzanne Birrell.

Annie Reiner is the definition of a true Renaissance woman. She is a published poet, a playwright who has had two of her plays produced, and a painter with four one-woman gallery shows under her belt. She has  penned and published a book of short stories as well as written and illustrated six children's books. Along the way she won a Parent's Choice Golden Award for Best Children's Audio in 1996. But that's not all. In her spare time, Annie is a practicing psychoanalyst.

Annie Reiner, Ph.D., has a thriving practice in Beverly Hills. She also has a secret which she has sort of been keeping under wraps. (After all, what would her clients think?) Annie is a professional singer.  How does being an entertainer jive with being psychoanalyst? Perfectly. Annie loves people. She has a great sense of humor and rare wit. As doctor or singer she brings joy to the world.

As an artist, Annie says the her background in psychology has influenced all her art. "You have to swim around in your own unconscious in order to understand your dreams." Annie shared that her own dreams find their way into her art. She reported that the meaning of dreams is important, but that the language of dreams is about understanding the symbols. To that end, Annie reported taking 10 years off from her studies in her thirties when she painted and wrote and got to know herself before getting back to finishing her studies to be a psychoanalyst.

Inspired by her mother, Estelle Reiner, who in her sixties began her professional career as a cabaret singer and performed for decades, Annie started singing professionally about 7 years ago. For Annie, singing is a louder way of experiencing insight. "Singing is a joy. It's soul nourishing!" Singing is where she really connects to people and since she has been selling out at the Gardenia Club, she decided it's time to graduate to a larger house.

Annie Reiner will be performing at the Catalina Jazz Club on June 28 with an ensemble which includes Charlie Harrison on piano with guitar, drums, sax and The Sisters of Mercy: Judy Nagy and Alice Manning. A rousing good time it will be. She will be singing songs that she likes, and an eclectic mix it will be. Besides something original she will borrow from Cohen, Ellington, and maybe a bit of Dan Hicks. She'll be singing Show tunes, Tin Pan Alley, The Blues and more.

Visiting with Annie, I was inspired and entertained. A gracious lady, grounded in art. Don't miss her show.  Thursday, June 30, 8:30pm at the Catalina Jazz Club. (opens for dinner at 7:00 PM)

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