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On our summer cover, the Muses of Music, Dance and Drama, a sculpture created by George Stanley whose "Oscar" is passed out each year, graces the entrance to the Hollywood Bowl an overlooked artistic treasure we pass as we speed along Highland Avenue. You never know what you'll discover in the nooks and crannies of this famed town. Captured by photographer Anthony Nelson, the work is one of the largest art works commissioned by the WPA in 1938-1940. We should all stand the test of time as well as this art piece.

                Another of our treasures' is shared in Rachel Flanagan's article on the historic John Anson Ford Amphitheatre. After a 2-year closure, the venue opens July 8th. Its history goes back to the earliest days of Hollywood when an annual Pilgrimage Play, featured a cast of hundreds including leading actors of the day, and scores of animals. Today the Los Angeles County's Performing Arts Commission resumes its wonderful array of nightly performances. The theatre is now ready for the 21 st century.

                In Hollywood it seems we delight in bringing fantasy to the multitudes and nowhere is that more prevalent than at Universal Studios. The entire region is all abuzz with the arrival of the Wizarding of Harry Potter attraction. Karen Yin takes us on a magical journey with Harry and the Hogwarts. Making movies come to life is what makes Universal Studios Los Angeles #1 tourist attraction.

                Los Angeles is experiencing record numbers of visitors and it seems they all visit Hollywood. Our urban setting confronts the visitor who equates the town with glitz and glamour.  It's important to realize that we are the fantasy factory and an industry town. We make the dreams and aren't made up of dreams. But look beyond the main streets and you will find a real place where an industry began and thrives to this day.

                A few blocks off Hollywood Boulevard, you'll pass the Montecito Apartments where Ronald Reagan lived when he first came to Hollywood. Charlton Heston told a story of living on Orchid Street not far from the Chinese Theatre-just he and his wife in a one-bedroom apartment. Tom Hanks strolled along the Walk of Fame early in his career wondering if he'd ever make it. Musician Dave Koz, lived in L.A., paying his musical dues and today his star is in front of Capitol Records. The town is filled with stories like this passed along from tenant to tenant, owner to owner. It may not fit your pictures but the real story is real here-and new stories are happening every day-on the streets of Hollywood.

                So enjoy your summer. The hills are alive with the 'sound of music'-the Bowl, the Ford, The Greek. You'll have stars in your eyes and stars overhead-enjoy another summer in Tinseltown. 

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