Labitity - Hollywood Fringe Review

A review by Suzanne Birrell.

Labitity is a look at your life. It's a show of labels, titles and identities-our own, our families and perfect strangers. It is witty and intelligent. Written and performed by Katrina Joli, she takes us on a journey through memorable moments in her life as a black girl who doesn't fit the labels, as a girl who doesn't fit the labels, as a daughter who doesn't do what's expected, as a Catholic who can't identify with the rules, as a feminist -well even feminist really don't know what a feminist is- as a Gay who didn't expect the rules. The result is thoughtful fun. Built into the show is discussion at the end of the show where you can share how you relate to the labels, titles and identities bequeathed to you by your family, society and yourself.

Entertaining to the max. Wry humor. Fast moving.  Kudos to the ensemble who each played a variety of roles. Strong and gutsy performances from everyone. Excellent direction. Labitity is a must see for anyone who hates labels and especially for all those who check T.O.M. (Two or more) when ever you are asked to identify your race, who are unsure as to their sex,  and hate the rules and privileges associated with gender.

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