Not Another Horror Story - Hollywood Fringe Review

A review by Rachel Flanagan.

Take a little bit of American Horror Story, mix it with a handful of horror comedies like Scary Movie and add a dash of horror movie stereotype and you will get the premise of Not Another Horror Story.  The cast was a variety of horror movie stereotypes from the slutty girl and attractive boy to the badass chick, token black guy, and the stoner dude.  The horror characters included a mysterious cloaked villain, a vampire with an accent and the trusty maid... and the mailman.  The story was a typical "scary house" in the middle of nowhere that the group of teenagers found when they got lost and decided since no one was home they would stay and party.  The actual storyline in amongst the standard horror stereotypes was a little hard to follow but sometimes it is fun to just enjoy a little fun and games watching a bunch of people gets killed and trying to figure out the who done it of it all.  If you like a fun little, albeit slightly confusing, horror story, then be certain to check out Not Another Horror Story at the Hollywood Fringe.

Posted By Rachel Flanagan on June 21, 2016 04:13 pm | Permalink