Odilia- Hollywood Fringe Theatre Review

A review by Suzanne Birrell.

Take a journey to the middle ground where dreams are woven and nightmares are felt. Odilia is almost like a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in that Odilia meets the ghosts that know of her past, however Odilia is no Scrooge. She is giving of herself to perfect strangers in her attempt to alleviate the guilt that haunts her. She takes care of everyone but who is taking care of her asks one ghost. An old man, (played by Tom Sandoval) who knows everything because he is so old, tells her that back in his time above they didn't worry about finding themselves. However, Odilia is lost. She asks everyone she meets where she is and they answer without fail, "You are here." Odilia must let go in order to go on living but before she can let go she has to acknowledge the demons she holds onto. (Trying very hard to avoid spoilers)

Odilia is a journey with twists and turns colored with a good balance of gentle comedy. It's elegant, it's poetic, it's art.  The characters are well drawn and each has a distinct voice.

I highly recommend this show. It's a must see wonderful story with good direction and sensitively performed. A satisfying hour of good theatre.


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