Simon Coronel - Hollywood Fringe Review

A review by Rachel Flanagan.

When someone demonstrates an extraordinary ability in a certain field that the United States may think will benefit the country, they will grant a priority visa to an immigrant with an alien classification known as the "Alien of extraordinary ability."  Magician Simon Coronel was granted this exact visa when he traveled to the United States from Australia and spends much of his time amazing audiences with his close up magic. His show is not only extraordinarily entertaining with mind-blowing tricks that even chosen audience members sitting inches away cannot figure out, but he also likes to make sure that everyone in his audience goes home with a gift.  If you sit up close, generally within the first two rows, there is a good chance you will be picked, at random, to assist with one of his tricks.  He performs these tricks in front of your eyes with a camera to help the audience see the same close range perspective. He can read your mind, turn rubber bands into stars and turn ordinary cards or dollars into extraordinarily twisted pieces of art.  Do not lose your ticket into the show, because at the end you can trade it in for your own piece of magic with a gift from Simon Coronel to everyone in the audience.  If you enjoy magic or just want to be amazed, be sure to check out Simon Coronel.

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