Sticky Fingers - Hollywood Fringe Review

A review by Rachel Flanagan.

In December of 2001, actress Winona Ryder was arrested in Beverly Hills after stealing nearly $5,000 worth of items from Saks Fifth Avenue. Her story made headlines and everyone wanted to know why she did it when she obviously had the money to make the purchases outright. She continued to make headlines while she went on her own journey of why she did it, because sometimes it is not for the thrill or the necessity, sometimes it is something deeper.Sticky Fingers shares the true stories of women who steal and dives into exactly why they did it with the guidance of a female security guard.  Deidre only shoplifted once, but she remembers the experience and still looks back at it fondly, while Robin grew up a "Freegan" and wearing things pulled out from a dumpster is something that she is tired of doing. Tiffany has a popular social following and needs to keep up with the trends in makeup so Sephora becomes her safe haven and where she steals her most coveted makeup. Jane just thinks free is better and Beverly steals compulsively to provide gifts for her family the way they deserve to be provided for and Winona even makes a stunning appearance to share her story.  Each cast member embraces her role and her story as if she was really the woman behind the story and the security guard adds an engaging and heartfelt character in a power position who is there to help rather than enforce. Hilarious and heartbreaking, Sticky Fingers offers an endearing insight into women who steal in a smart and entertaining sort of way.

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