A Singular They - Theatre Review

A review by Suzanne Birrell.

Lily Nicksay (L) and Hannah Prichard. Photos: Anne E. McGrath

A Singular They, written by Aliza Goldstein and now playing at The Blank Theatre is a story of self: doubt and acceptance. The story centers around Bu

rbank, a typical high school student - worried about new haircuts, biology exams, losing one's virginity, and whether to take the estrogen the doctors keep prescribing. The main issue at hand though is Burbank was born intersexed- biologically neither entirely male nor female and "They" as he/she has decided to be referred to just wants to be loved for who they is.

Lily Nicksay (right) gives a powerful and intense performance as the confused and searching Burbank, wanting to be touched and wanting to be loved as is-without surgical alterations. An equally powerful performance is given by Hanna Prichard, (left)the very pregnant best friend who wants to help while at the same time worries that anyone will ever love her for who she is.

Nick Ballard (below, right) is totally believable as the teacher, Mr. Mazer, who provides reading literature for Burbank to see that intersex is normal though not very common and that it is society which has the hang ups. He crosses the line between teacher and friend in a very tastefully but uncomfortable scene and the result is that Mr. Mazer no longer knows who he is.

Director Christopher J. Raymond is to be congratulated on his tasteful and sensitive direction. The costumes, stage design, lighting and sound were all very nicely done. The story was a bit repetitive in that the character Burbank continually repeated the same complaints stated above. However, the message that no one really feels accepted for who they are was powerfully made and in that, male, female, intersex- all had the same hang-ups.

This is a great show. I highly recommend it.


 Plays through May 1 at the Blank Theatre

Friday and Saturday at 8pm; Sunday at 2pm


TICKET INFO: Available online at www.TheBlank.com, or by calling

(323) 661-9827.

LOCATION: The Blank's 2nd Stage Theatre, 6500 Santa Monica Boulevard

(on Theatre Row at Wilcox), Hollywood, 90038.

Street Parking.

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