The Leather Apron Club - Theatre Review

A review by Suzanne Birrell.

Anthony Battelle, Karen Ragan-George. Photos by Charlie Mount

Do not miss The Leather Apron Club written and directed by Charlie Mount. An absolutely brilliant story based on an actual club formed by Benjamin Franklin, the action takes place a week after 9/11/2001.

(left Anthony Battelle, Karen Ragan-George.)

If you believe that the United States is actually an oligarchy run by a select few then this is the story for you. If you're fond of riveting thrillers with edge of your seat suspense, then The Leather Apron Club is for you. If you want an out of the box slam dunk home run in storytelling, then The Leather Apron Club is for you. An ensemble work, every actor occupied the skin of their character and delivered unforgettable performances. From start to finish - brilliant. (It could go from this stage to film) The set design, light design, sound design, costume design - all superb. Do not miss this one. I repeat -DO NOT MISS. 

(right Yancey Dunham (l.), Adam Conger.)

Listen to interviews with the actors: HERE.  Read more HERE.  

(Left Adam Conger, Alan Schack.)


Written and Directed
by Charlie Mount

Produced  by Benjamin Scuglia

Returning July 15-31, 2016
Fri and Sat at 8pm. Sunday at 2pm.
Call (323) 851-7977
Buy Tickets On Line

With a stellar cast:
Anthony Battelle • Adam Conger • Roger Kent Cruz • Yancey Dunham • Karen Ragan-George • Don Moss • Alan Schack • Ashley Taylor

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