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It's Fall and all the new hot TV series have premiered. Here's a look at what the broadcast network shows have a ton of buzz around them:

CBS has ordered more episodes of Bull, Kevin Can Wait and MacGyver with each series having a very good chance of being renewed for a second season. The drama, Bull, which stars Michael Weatherly, is the most watched new drama series, and Kevin Can Wait, with Kevin James, is the network's' most watched new comedy series. 

Fox has remade two popular movies from the past and adapted them for the small screen:  "Lethal Weapon," and "The Exorcist." Just like in the film, "Lethal Weapon" will focus on veteran LAPD detective Roger Murtaugh and unhinged cop Martin Riggs, now played by Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford. At the TV Critics Press Tour, showrunner Matt Miller talked about how the show will be "flashing back" to unpack a bit of mythology surrounding Riggs and his wife as the season evolves.

ABC's Designated Survivor, about a low level cabinet member who becomes U.S.  president after a terrorist attack kills everyone above him in the Presidential line of succession. Starring fan favorite Kiefer Sutherland, who previously has starred in the uber popular political series, "24: Live Another Day" this is one of ABC's most watched dramas.Pasted Graphic 1.tiff ¬

NBC's "This is Us" is a breakout hit this season. Even their trailer for the series- months before it debuted- was seen by millions of viewers via youtube.  Starring Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley  and Ron Cephas Jones,  the dramedy  tugs on viewers' heartstrings with every episode.

 I was lucky enough to be amongst the few who have gotten to test drive the Tesla Model X -Green Commuter has designed special software which allows Hollywood commuters to ride van style in the eco friendly car. This unique ride sharing car offers seven seat capacity and is all electric, with zero omission. Company CEO Gustavo Occhiuzzo said in a press release that there are 1,500 vanpools with destinations in Los Angeles County, with twice that many total across the region. Each of those vans is only used 10-15 hours a week, Occhiuzzo says. The rest of the time, they're sitting in parking lots.

Rather than paying for a van to sit for more than 90 percent of the work week, users can access an app via iOS and Android to share the Teslas and maximize their miles. A group of like-minded employees or a company can rent a Model X, which seats a van-like seven adults, by the month. A company could in theory replace its fleet of vanpool vehicles with shared Model Xs.


At Raleigh Studios, a screening was held for Emmy Award-winning actress Valerie's Harper first feature film since her cancer diagnosis. In "My Mom and The Girl" Harper plays Nanny, a former singer now suffering from Alzheimer's. The film, which recently was recognized at the Best Shorts Film Festival, was very relatable for Valerie. "I loved the character and the writer/director, Susie Singer Carter, just was so wonderful to work with. And I really liked DawnMarie Ferrara, who plays the cop in the film too. Just a great experience all the way around."   


HGTV Design Star Josh Johnson is one busy Hollywood designer,  creating gifting vignettes with his "Modern Hollywood Glam" aesthetic at the Backstage Creations Emmy gifting suite, and then attending Consumer Product Events, showcasing his signature home decor line of decorative accent pillows and window treatments.  "'Blackish' star Anthony Anderson is being sent my 'Sparklicious' pillows, and I am excited to hear about his reaction," said Johnson.  

Josh Johnson Home for Softline, is being distributed nationally at Walmart, Wayfair and Bed, Bath & Beyond. The exclusive "Sparklicious Pillows" from JJ Home, along with a select line of signature decorative home accessories geared towards luxe holiday gifting ($25-$65), are available on joshjohnsonhome.com


How many times in your day do you look for a pen in your home?! While at the Pilot Pens suite at the GBK Pre-Emmy Awards lounge, celebrities and Emmy award nominees had the opportunity to experience a variety of their smooth writing instruments, including the Pilot G2 gel ink pen, the  G2 Limited and Pilot's Ageless luxury pen.  One of the stars of NBC's "This is Us," Chrissy Metz, said that she uses Pilot's G2, while going over her scripts in her home.

GBK attendees participated  in Pilot's philanthropic social media campaign, 'Pilot Purpose.' Guests  shared what overachieving mantra helped them script their own success, along with the name of their charity of choice, and added  it on their personal social media pages using #PilotPurpose. The celebrity with the most follower engagement, including likes, shares, and comments, will receive a $5,000 donation to their charity on behalf of Pilot. 

The Artisan Group, who gifted celebrities a variety of handcrafted home-related items created by artisan-owned businesses. "Our celebrity recipients are always thrilled to receive goods for the home, such as fine art photography, spa, bath products,and candles in their swag gift bags. Artisans who specialize in handcrafting functional home goods see great results when gifting." Celebs like  Tony Hale, Maisie Williams, and Anthony Anderson and Travis Wall, Emmy winning choreographer, loved the many home-related items. 


 It's unusual to have a veteran realtor take a booth at a gifting suite but Debbi DiMaggio did just that.  "I always love to throw a ball at the wall and see what sticks," said Debbi, who  was at Doris Bergman's pre-Emmy suite talking to celebrities about  her latest book,  "Real Estate Rules: 52 Ways to Achieve Success in Real Estate." 

"I love to try new things, I'm pretty open to anything and everything," Debbi said. "Meeting, inspiring and connecting with others is what's deep in my heart and what drives me- you just never know what can happen or who you'll connect with. That's the most exciting thing about life and being open to experiences.


Tired celebrities at the Doris Bergman's pre Emmy suite were thrilled to receive The FootMate System, which  goes in the bath or shower to clean and massage feet without having to bend over.  Accompanied by the specially formulated, rejuvenating gel which contains tea tree oil, aloe, moisturizers, conditioners, and Vitamin E, the FootMate System is the perfect way to pamper your tired feet.  "I am on my feet all day," acknowledged comedienne Jane Lync.  "The FootMate System will allow me to have a pedicure at home at my leisure.  It's like having a car was for your feet. Plus, I love the fact that it's made in the USA by a local company."

At The Celebrity Connected Pre-Emmy suite, Stirrings gave celebrities like Grey's Anatomy's Sara Drew cocktails, along with martini glassware and branded shakers. The company is the first to create  premium craft cocktail mixers and garnishes, on-trend with the rising interest in upscale spirits.The company offers more than 12 mixers, 4 bar ingredients, 5 rimmers and 2 Smirnoff Bloody Mary flavors.

Celebrities were torn about drinking or keeping the bottle of Mora Wine being gifted to them. The decorative bottle is a work of art, making for a unique display in any wine library. The empty bottles are utilized as cancel holders, vases or light displays. Game of Thrones' Staz Nair and his fiancé were at the booth, and thought the wine bottles would be perfect at their upcoming wedding. 


And if you are ever at Culina, check out Chef Dello Stritto, who created a menu of Napolini "street food" at Vinoteca. The restaurant undergoes a transformation every morning into a tranquil espresso bar that offers a selection of handcrafted coffee and cold brew as well as Italian pastries, including: Sfogliattele, scalloped, shell-shaped Italian pastries filled with lemon ricotta, native to Campania in southwestern Italy; and Connoncini, cannoli-shaped pastry from Verona that is traditionally stuffed with cream.

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