From The Editor

Fall is here and as our visitors go home, thousands of students arrive or return to school. The air is electric, filled with dreams and possibilities.

Venerable Los Angeles City College (LACC) is this year's focus for our Education Issue with its rich 100 year history and list of outstanding alumni. Rachel Flanagan's comprehensive article takes us back to the beginning and forward to the future. For over a century, this institution has evolved to serve the needs of the community.

Hollywood's campuses run the gamut from the traditional to the fantasy. Our cover shot of Universal Studios' Hogwarts Castle where Harry Potter and friends studied the art of magic and sorcery is just mysterious enough to remind us of funfilled Halloween activities that fill out our Special Event pages.

Scott Martin discovers Columbia Square, the new media campus that gives life to one of Hollywood's most notable landmarks-the CBS complex at Sunset and Gower. Designated a historic cultural landmark, the revamped, revised and restored
complex will soon welcome media giant Viacom.

Inspired by LACC's 100 years, we remind our readers that history in Hollywood not only rests in the past but exists all around us. With each passing year, contrary to the belief that there's little that's old in Los Angeles, numerous structures and institutions will be added to that noteworthy list as the years go by.

This is the time of year for new beginnings, adventure and fun. Enjoy the season and go out and explore all that this town has to offer. There's no time like the present.

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