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Generation Me - Theatre Review

A review by Suzanne Birrell.

Generation Me
a teen musical opened at the Hudson to an enthusiastic crowd. The story revolves around the suicide of a 16 boy and is cleverly interwoven between the weeks leading up to the tragedy and the week after. Though the topic is a somber one there are ample humorous moments.

The music by Will Finn coupled with the brilliant choreography by Jacob Montoya are the driving forces in this drama. The story opens with an intro song Monday Morning which introduces us to all the characters. Though many of the solo voices did not carry so as to hear the words, the ambiance of the movement and dance made everything clear. The ballet of sorts that follows the suicide is absolutely brilliant. With the tension and intent well established, it was time for a little relief and we were rewarded with the Bra Song, a veritable song and dance routine rewarded with laughter and cheering featuring the antics of two friends Milo Reynolds played by Milo Manheim and Cody Bennett played by Will Meyers. (left)

The story moves between the weeks prior to the days afterward so there is all the drama of high school which most can related to - food fights in the cafeteria, gym class, the homecoming dance, parties, school gossip and more. The choral arrangements were extremely wonderful and really served the story well. The harmonies and counterpoint coupled with the dance routines were magic.

(Right: Julia Nightingale as Kaylee and  Johnny Lee as Kyle

Milo Mannheim played Milo Reynolds with a wide range of emotions and agility. Chelsea Fitzsimmons played the complex Addison De-Voe with all the color deserving of a Dev-IL. Ian Ferrell as the shortest boy in school, Marvin Ellis, almost stole the show with his energy and antics. We were able to follow his story line loud and clear and the audience cheered when he got the girl.

Generation Me is very long- three hours with the 15 minute intermission. As is with all new musicals it could stand with some editing. Though often the solo singers could not be heard over the music the story was easily followed through the chorus and dance.  The food fight was great fun to watch but did little to advance the story.  

Generation Me takes a difficult subject and makes a compelling story. Anyone who has had experience as a teenager will appreciate the subtle nuances of teenage angst. We know these people.

( Left: Milo Manheim and Julia Nightingale)

Fri, Sep 16 - Sun, Oct 09
Fri, Sat 8pm
Sat (Oct 1st only) 2pm
Sun 3pm

No Performance Sunday, October 2

Hudson Mainstage Theatre
6539 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood, CA  90038
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Posted By Suzanne Birrell on September 19, 2016 12:38 am | Permalink