Indie Films Oct 7 - 13


            Passage to Mars. Adventure/Sci-Fi. Directed by Jean-Christophe Jeauffre. Written by Christophe and Pascal Lee. Produced by Jeuffre and Frederic Dieudonne. From IFC Films. (Color, 2016, USA. 94 minutes, not rated) Featuring Pascal Lee, Buzz Aldrin, John Schutt, Jesse Weaver and the voices of Zachary Quinto and Charlotte Rampling. The true story of a six man crew's adventures aboard NASA experimental vehicle, attempting a dangerous first Martian road trip on Earth, in the High Arctic, to train for the real exploration of the Red Planet. They have to undertake a 2,000 km journey on the sea ice, through the infamous Northwest Passage, to reach Devon Island. A place called Mars-On-Earth. But their expedition planned to last a few weeks is about to become an epic two-year odyssey. This is the expedition's captain personal journal. The tale of a voyage through the beauties and the deadly dangers of two worlds: the High Arctic and the Planet Mars.
            Winner- Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival

           Green Is Gold. Crime. Written and directed by Ryon Baxter. Produced by Anthony Burns. From Transition Pictures. (Color, 2016, USA, 81 minutes, rated R) Starring David Fine, Liz Clare, Ryon Baxter, Thomas Cokenias, Shelley Mitchell, Derek W. Adam. After a teenage boy's father goes to prison, he is forced to live with his older brother who has a compromising trade.
            Winner-Los Angeles Film Festival

            Astraea. Adventure/ Sci-Fi. Directed by Kristjan Thor. Written by Ashlin Halfnight. Produced by Thor, Halfnight, Scotty Crowe, Jessica Cummings. From Random Media. (Color, 2016, USA, 95 minutes, not rated) Starring Dan O'Brien, Jessica Cummings, Scotty Crowe, Nerea Duhart, Alec Judelson, Joan Russo. When disease nearly wipes out the human race, a telepathic teenage girl named Astraea believes her visions confirm that survivors are living in Northern Canada. She leads her doubting brother on a five-thousand mile journey, through a silent America, and into the snowbound wilderness, hoping to rebuild life as she knew it. As they head North, her clairvoyance intensifies and they encounter another couple homesteading on a remote lake in Maine. The grief and complexity - as well as the excitement and comfort - of communal living pits itself against Astraea's desire to keep moving and find her family.
            Winner- Fantastic Planet Film Festival; Dances With Films; Maine International Film Festival; Cinequest San Jose Film Festival
            "Fine ensemble performances."---The Hollywood Reporter
            October 7- October 13, 2016.  Admission $13 each feature.  Contact venue for show times.
Information: (323) 306-0676. Online ticketing:
            At Arena Cinelounge at The Montalban, 1615 N. Vine St.,, Los Angeles, CA 90028.
            Arena Cinema is Hollywood's new home for independent films, powered by Voltaire Media.

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