From The Editor

We all love Spring, the time of new beginnings and renewal-even Californians who are happy to be drying out after a long-awaited wet winter. Our hills are green and flowers are everywhere, even the desert is in bloom. We certainly do need a lift after a tumultuous winter that definitely dampened our spirits. Yet we are undaunted as we cleanup, enjoy the lull and find time to get ready for our summertime deluge of visitors. It seems we are always celebrating something these days and this year is no exception. That grand old lady, The TCL Chinese Theatre, turns 90 and Hollywood Heritage will be rolling out the red carpet for her for a change. May 1 will mark the grand occasion and tickets are available. Countless premieres have been held at this venerable institution, it will be fun to honor this historic place. There truly are countless stories to be told and the story of Artemesia, the largest craftsman residence in the country, is but one of them. Michael J. Locke sat down with Lenny Fenton, its owner, and was regaled with sagas of past owners as well as what it takes to restore such a home to pristine condition. Hidden from view in The Oaks section between the Hollywood Hills and Los Feliz, there is definitely a treasure there. From time to time, Discover Hollywood journeys to a special place sharing our travels in our "Discover" series. Last fall, we discovered Armenia, a fascinating country, trekking over 1,000 miles and learning the rich three-thousand-year history of a proud and resourceful people. I'm happy to share our observations in Hollywood Discovers Armenia. In the many years that I've edited this magazine, I never tire of watching as Hollywood's story continues to unfold. We let others cover the antics of the celebrity world as we work to uncover the richness and culture of this intriguing corner of the world. Life does what it does and all we mortals can do is make meaning of it all. And that's the fun of it.

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