The Dreamer Examines His Pillow - Theatre Review

By Harrison Held

"The Dreamer Examines His Pillow" is an amazing, intense and thought provoking play. The  play features an excellent cast of actors, well directed by Mark Blanchard at the Lounge 2 Theatre in Hollywood.

Lovely Scottie Thompson sizzles as the bewildered feisty and lovestruck Donna. Ade M'Cormack excels as the lost self absorbed and very amorous Tommy. Sal Landi is simply fantastic as edgy, jaded but put upon "Dad" in this roller coaster drama from award-winning, controversial writer John Patrick Shanley, well known for movies like "Moonstruck" and "Doubt."

Sal Landi's Dad puts a modern twist on the popular expression "father knows best." The story is a striking surreal study of the often bizarre byways of adult relationships. The riveting story unfolds dramatically in three related scenes using indirection and richly evocative language to make its unsettling but ultimately illuminating points.

Scottie Thompson, Ade M'Cormack and Sal Landi are a talented, must-see trio. Cool lighting and sound design by Donny Jackson and Nick Machado respectively and kudos to the minimal sets by Aaron Lyons which are a stark contrast to the emotionally charged pathos of Donna, Tommy and Dad. I highly recommend this startling and highly entertaining production playing until October 29.

Visit for tickets and more information about this excellent production by Samadahi Entertainment and The Lounge Theatre.

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