The Lost Child - Theatre Review

By Annette Semerdjian

Skylight Theatre creates yet another compelling, topical and one-of-a-kind production with its latest play, "The Lost Child." The story follows a wife and husband who have been torn apart by the disappearance of their 11-year-old daughter. As they reunite seven years later to commemorate what would have been her 18th birthday, someone who looks just like their lost child appears. The couple is shocked to see someone who looks exactly like their daughter stunted in age and appearance from the night she went missing seven years ago.

Addie Daddio and Peter James Smith play Ann and Daniel scrambling to figure out who the child claiming to be their daughter, Angelica, really is. The two perfectly set and execute the scenes for both comedic delivery and heartfelt moments. Marilyn Fitoria plays the whimsical Angelica who is hiding a big secret that further shrouds the story with mystery. Fitoria captures the essence of a child who is demanding and stubborn yet vulnerable and loving.

  Angelica holds the key to understanding her disappearance and her true identity yet hides it from the people she calls her parents. As the story goes deeper it seems to create more questions than answers as the audience soon realizes that Angelica isn't scared to speak about where she disappeared to but rather afraid to unveil the truth about what happened in their own home. In the seven years she went missing, she escaped to a place where she couldn't feel anything.

  As the mystery finally gets untangled in the intense last minutes of the play, it reveals how succumbing to anger, hatred, lust and other urges are the ultimate price for experiencing love in the human condition. Emotional and evocative, this story captures human truths in ways that are beyond the everyday world we choose to see. As a mystery with sprinkles of humor and whimsy, "The Lost Child" is a thrilling ride everyone should experience this summer.

"The Lost Child" is playing through September 3 at Skylight Theatre.

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