Welcome to the White Room - Theatre Review

By Joan Alperin

"Welcome to the White Room" not only had me guessing until the end but the next day. The extremely funny play, written by Trish Harnetiaux, will keep you thinking long after the curtain falls.

When the play opens, we discover Ms. White (Sierra Marcks) dressed completely in white, Mr. Paine (Chris Gardner) and a British woman named Jennings (Sarah Lily) arriving at The White Room beautifully designed by Amanda Kenyans. The three characters are strangers to one another and they have no idea what they are suppose to do here. As the play unfolds, we go with them on a journey, a very imaginative, hilarious, profound journey. They receive letters through a slot on the stage that only Ms. White can read. There is the arrival of The Last Deck of Cards in the World which they wind up eating. There are also The Three Devices which must be figured out in order to advance to the next level.

Since the actors speak in a very monotone tone and move somewhat awkwardly, it's obvious that they are not humans, but characters playing a game that their creator invented.

Somewhere between throwing a party, suppressing sexual tensions and dancing a very hot, almost violent tango, choreographed by Nancy Hobbs Owen, the characters summon their puppeteer, Patrick (Reuben Uy), into their senseless world, leading all three of them to have a very big surprise.

"Welcome to the White Room," directed by Megan A. McGuane, is filled with complex, nuanced storytelling which uses lights and sound to take you deeper and deeper into the story. The actors are pitch perfect in their performances making this a must see theatrical event.

The play runs through September 16 at Theatre of Note.

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