The Amitycode - Hollywood Fringe Festival Review

By Harrison Held

Photo by Nick Cimiluca

I had a terrific time at the Hollywood Fringe Festival last night watching the 10 pm performance of the must see play The Amitycode written by and starring the talented Devin Crittenden at the intimate Stephanie Feury Theatre on Melrose in Larchmont Village. What a great showcase for him and the entire cast.

The Amitycode
is set in a modern day San Francisco apartment of a likeable and lonely engineering genius named Pete (Devin Crittenden) who was recently dumped. It's a really great fast moving funny thought provoking 60 minute piece - the talented winning cast also stars Morgan Matthews as sexy Exa, Ky Soto as the cool best friend Trip and Sara Elizabeth Johnston as the pretty ex-girlfriend Samantha. The well written comedy is skillfully directed by Nick Cimiluca and also features very cool rear screen projection, graphics and music and I highly recommend checking it out.

This very entertaining production is Devin Crittenden's first full-length play and is a very admirable inaugural writing achievement. Great work by the entire ensemble and production crew. Without giving away too much of the story, I'll just say it's amazing to what lengths some millennials will go to find the perfect mate! Presented by Crittenden Productions and Argos March. The Hollywood Fringe Festival runs until June 25th - for more information visit

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