The Interference - Hollywood Fringe Festival Review

By Erin Fair

It is a tale as old as time, but The Interference is no fairytale; it's a story of sexual violation. Before the play begins, the audience walks in and the stage is littered with a cast of thirteen front and center. They sit very still and quiet and watch us carefully as if we hold their fate in our hands. It is an unsettling feeling for the audience just as it would be for the victim facing her rapist in court.

The story centers on a young college co-ed, Karen, who the star quarterback, Smith, raped. The plot continues with the he said/she said aftermath of the events. Karen blacks out after a night of drinking and gets taken advantage of by her friend Smith. This play examines finger pointing, accusations, helplessness and standing up for your rights with a cast that absolutely shines. The strength of the play lies in the overwhelming cast of thirteen actors playing thirty roles. The dialogue transitions into monologues fluidly as the side characters duck out of the light to change costumes. Characters are extremely well crafted and the way the minuscule stage is utilized by the large cast is tightly executed.

We have seen this story time and time again, in real life and in fiction. The most recent sexual assault case being Brock Turner, who was released after three months for what his father referred to as just "20 minutes of action." Bro-culture and slut-shaming in society is the current state of the world, but it doesn't have to be. With a new commander in chief, it seems like we have taken several steps back in women's sexual liberties, but we must believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This play does not overtly take sides, but it does take a closer look at the rapist, victim and bystanders who are involved in the media firestorm of a sexual assault. It takes all sides into account and doesn't ask the audience to choose. All it asks is that you don't sit idly by while you see or hear of a horrific act being performed. This was a first-rate production on the stage and behind the scenes, and it should be required viewing for all.

The Interference
runs through June 8, but as already won several awards. Listen to behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast here.

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