Alien: Covenant - Film Review

By Joan Alperin

Many people, myself included, weren't that crazy about Ridley Scott's Prometheus. People found it confusing and not up to par with the original Alien film.  Well, guess what? Mr. Scott has completely redeemed himself with his new film Alien: Covenant. If you're a fan, you will not be disappointed.

Not giving too much away, Alien: Covenant is a sequel to Prometheus, which came out in 2012. The film takes place in 2104 and stars the wonderful Michael Fassbender as the androids Walter and David 8, Katherine Waterston as the Sigourney Weaver of the movie and Billy Crudup as the reluctant ship captain..

They are responsible for getting their 2,000 plus passengers to an uncharted planet, which will become their new home. When the film opens, everyone, except for Walter, are in suspended animation aboard the colony ship Covenant. Through an unforeseen circumstance, the crew is awoken. Their ship has been damaged and they don't think they can reach the destination, which is still seven years away. Against his better judgement, the Captain decides to land on an uncharted planet. It's here they meet the android David, sole survivor of the ill-fated Prometheus expedition.

At first, he acts like the perfect host, but soon, David and the planet are revealed to be far more dangerous than the crew ever could imagine. Alien: Covenant is written by John Logan and Dante Harper and is the second installment in the Alien prequel series. And there will be one more films that lead up to the original Alien film.

Alien: Covenant is exciting, intense, surprising and scary-as-hell. The film opens Friday, May 19, 2017. Tickets here. Don't miss it.

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