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Delearious - Theatre Review

By Terry Gloeggler

Photo by Darrett Sanders
Musical lovers looking for a laugh, Shakespeare enthusiasts who enjoy a tale about the Bard, or just theatre goers searching out some light fun should not miss "Delearious" (stylized as "deLEARious") by Ron West and composer Phil Swann. The Open Fist Theatre Company has a first rate cast bringing this production to life under the direction of the musical's writer, Ron West. The audience is in for a good laugh as tragedy becomes comedy through the lens of a present day creative duo.

If you were wondering what the Lear in "Delearious" is for, it refers to "King Lear" by William Shakespeare, which is the story at the root of this musical. There has long been speculation around the life of one of our greatest writers. Did he write his own plays? Was King James I's sponsorship an influence on his work? Did Shakespeare take part in writing the King James Bible? If you want to know what that process might have looked like, you can follow along with the imaginings of present day writer in the story and in real life Ron West and composer Phyllis played by Jan Roper.

They are writing about Shakespeare as he is writing about King Lear. A play within a play within a play... what could be confusing about that? There are definitely moments of confusion as actors go back and forth between characters within the three story lines. You might want to read a short synopsis of King Lear before the theater lights dim. Yet even if you are unfamiliar with the tragedy, "Delearious" hits all the high points to engage the viewer.

The character that stands out, Shakespeare, as played by Scott Mosenson, is a stand out performance. Mosenson is cast perfectly and his talent moves every scene he is in forward. Some of the other performances, like the slapstick comedy of Micah Watterson in multiple roles and the classy Rachel Addington as Lear's daughter Regan, pull the musical together. There are some very catchy tunes, the number "Evil Love" especially had the audience smiling along and tapping their toes.

Song, dance and a good laugh all on one stage, "Delearious" should definitely be on your radar this holiday season. Have a night out and enjoy this new production from the Open Fist Theatre Company at the Atwater Village Theatre in Los Angeles playing now through January 27.

Posted By Discover Hollywood on November 13, 2017 01:01 pm | Permalink