Letter From The Editor

Spring is busting out all over. Thankfully, we've had a little rain and our hillsides show it. Enjoy it while we can, another dry summer is on its way.

Historically we've always had our highs and lows as far as rainfall. One of the reasons Hollywood voted to join the City of Los Angeles was due to the lack of rainfall and a year or two of draught that was a disaster to the fields of melons than being grown in the Cahuenga Valley (aka Hollywood). What do they say about history repeating itself?

Speaking about repeating, this issue we celebrate yet another centennial. Rachel Flanagan gives us some background on the creation of the Charlie Chaplin Studio.  Interestingly, neighbors had issues regarding new developments as far back as 1918. The Jim Henson Studios couldn't have found a better home for itself in Hollywood. Charlie Chaplin is a hard act to follow, but Kermit seems to be enjoying himself atop the famed studio gate.

Hollywood and its streets are filled with countless stories of people both behind the camera and on screen. Some are well known names and others' lasting contribution have become part of popular culture. Forrest J Ackerman was was such a personality. His story is fascinating and his contribution will live forever.

Two years ago, the brothers Stone fulfilled on their dream to open a restaurant in Hollywood. They have transformed one of Sunset Boulevard's Spanish revival buildings into a masterpiece-not only of food but of décor. Named for their grandmother, Gwen is now a well-established eatery and a go to quality butchershop for the carnivores among us.

There's no doubt that the times are changing, guest contributor to Oscar's Hollywood column, Marty Shelton, fills us in on what's happening with Hollywood's economic renaissance. 

So, enjoy our delightful California spring. Yes, folks, we do have seasons, but unless its fire or mud, they are subtle and occasionally hard to define.

Go out and smell the flowers.

Posted By Nyla Arslanian on April 04, 2018 06:17 pm | Permalink