One Night at the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

By Valerie Milano

From the Red Carpet to the After-Party the night was filled with LGBTQIA+ acceptance, appreciation, and the celebration of the community's intersectional struggles and progress.

Hosted by Wanda Sykes, honoring Britney Spears, awarding Lena Waithe, and serving fish, or chicken, or whatever people ordered for their dinner entrees. The evening was filled with good vibes and friendly faces. Sadly, I didn't get a chance to speak with the ageless Halle Berry but I did have several conversations with many up an coming stars like fabulous like the wonderful Ser Anzoategui. My Hulu free trial ran out before I could catch up on East LA High but Ser assured me that their new show, "Vida" on Starz, is even more scandalous. I'll be signing up for the free trial tonight.

I also spoke with the gorgeous fashion model Laith Ashley and found out he's working on the new R&B album. Can't wait to turn the lights down low for that one.

Through a sea of tipsy bystanders I caught a glimpse of NafessaWilliams, Thunder from the CW's "Black Lightning", walking around the pool area of the Beverly Hills Hotel near GLAAD's Silent Auction display. The fan in me wanted to shove everyone out of the way and ask for a selfie but before I could abruptly end the conversation I was currently engaged in she was gone; typical lesbian superhero.

In addition to actors, models, writers, and directors, the 29thAnnual GLAAD Media Awards were filled with activists like Cathy Serino, a woman to watch out for. Back home Cathy fights for the rights of trans individuals locally and federally in the red state of Missouri.

The GLAAD Media Awards had it all, all except LGBTQ+ musical performances. It was odd. It was just awards, after awards, after awards. Although I was grateful to see the long list of TV shows and movies uplifting LGBTQ visibility I was hoping Janelle Monáe was going to pop out with Tessa Thompson between her thighs and share her tale of her love of 'Pynk' with us. There was no Janelle, no Tessa, only a questionable pop performance during the After-Party. On the plus side, the DJ pulled out an old Mousse T classic and the dance circle got wild. Back by the bar I ran into a Queer performer I'd met 7 years ago in San Francisco at Aunt Charlie's, Saturn Jones, now living in LA; they told me I need to check out their new tracks. I agreed, I need to check those out.

At approximately $500 (donation) for the worse seats in the house, attending the GLAAD Media Awards in-person might not be an option for everyone but fortunately the ceremony will be broadcasted exclusively on Logo, April 18th at 8pm.

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