Pizza Man - Theatre Review

By Joan Alperin

Emma Chandler, Freddy Giorlando and Raleigh West
Photo by Grafton Doyle
"Pizza Man" written by Darlene Craviotto is the second production I've seen by the Pop Up Theater and once again they did not disappoint.

The Pop Up Theater was founded in 2014 by a group of extremely talented thespians who realized that exciting theater in LA needed some help and created a company that brings immersive and interactive performances to the audience. They find non-traditional performance spaces that embody the character of the work and make both site and audience part of the story.

When we walk into their new venue, we find ourselves inside a Hollywood loft apartment in the 1980's. It's here we meet Julie Rodgers (the wonderful Emma Chandler) who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Her boss made a pass at her that she rejected so she's without a job, broke, disillusioned and it seems she may have a problem with alcohol.

One things for sure, she's definitely not looking forward to her self-absorbed roommate, Alice (the excellent, Raleigh West), coming home. Yet of course that's exactly what happens. Alice is also on the verge of breakdown having just been dumped by her married lover.

After much hysterically funny sharing, bickering and girl bonding these two women come to realize that all their troubles stem from men and that's when Julie comes up with a plan...find a man to rape. Julie believes that by this act she will be taking revenge against every man that has ever dumped a girl, every boss that has ever harassed a woman and well, you get the idea.

Alice is initially appalled by the idea but eventually Julie wears her down and she agrees to go along with the plan. Only problem is, where do they find a man to rape?

Enter the pizza man, the sweet, vulnerable, happily married, Eddie (the very funny, Freddy Giorlando) and what happens next, is comedic chaos at its best.

Director Jamie Lou hits all the right notes and makes "Pizza Man" a definite must see. On another note, someone should give these two actresses a sitcom fast. They're that good.

"Pizza Man" opened on Friday February 2nd at The Loft Space in Hollywood. Performances are through February 24.

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