The Speed of Darkness - Theatre Review

By Harrison Held

Eddie Kehler and Leo Ramsey 
Photo by Cesar Gamino 
"The Speed of Darkness" presents a complex story that I really enjoyed at the cozy, classy River Street Theatre Company in Hollywood. The acting is excellent and the dramatic story is compelling, poignant and very dark. The play is well directed and produced by respected acting guru William Alderson and was written by the late Steve Tesich who co-wrote the screenplay of the hit movie "The World According to Garp,"  which was a favorite of mine when it first came out in the early 80s.

The story takes place in a small South Dakota town in 1989 where Joe (Eddie Kehler), a very complex war hero turned successful builder, lives with his devoted wife, Anne (Janet Chamberlain), and loving sweet daughter, Mary (Sara Molinar).  Mary dates a likable earnest  local named Eddie (Leo Ramsey) who comes from a very screwed up family per his colorful descriptions.

Life takes a wide  turn when Joe is named Man of the Year and his best friend, a very likable guy named Lou  (Kenny Johnston), who he saved in the war turns up,  now homeless and deeply challenged.  Eddie Kehler is wonderful in the very complex and demanding role of Joe.  Kenny Johnston is terrific as the wandering and lost Lou. Sara Molinar shines as sweet soon-to-graduate-from-high-school Mary. Janet Chamberlain is great as Anne and Leo Ramsay is hysterical and poignant as Eddie.

"The Speed of Darkness" plays til March 18 and is definitely worth seeing. It is sad, gritty and shocking, which really draws the audience in. The acting is terrific and first rate. The beautiful  music, I was told, is the same as the original Broadway production and adds a very nice touch. Produced by William Alderson and Art Hall with lighting design by Jeffry Porter and set design by Zack Guilerh, "The Speed of Darkness" first premiered on Broadway and starred Len Cariou, Lisa Eichhorn, Stephen Lang, Kathryn Erbe and Robert Sean Leonard. The show isn't performed frequently and it's nice to see a fine revival of it here in Los Angeles.

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