My Father's a Cop - Theatre Review

By Harrison Held

Jerry Dean
Photo by Matt Kamimura
Take a walk on the wild side... "My Father's a Cop" is a funny and highly entertaining new one-man show starring actor Jerry Dean. The self confessed former con man, boxer, actor, model and drug addict has led a very colorful and frequently charmed whirlwind life, mingling with the rich, famous and beautiful while not spending time behind bars.  He fought his demons, addictions and other prisoners.

He is a true survivor and is lucky to be alive today sharing his inspiring story. The son of a New York City cop, he grew up in New York City's West Village and somehow got involved in a life of crime stealing from hookers at brothels at a very young age. His devoted father Joe Dean appears in the production via interesting video clips illuminating the story. "My Father's a Cop" is not for kids and the dark, graphic content and language is not for everyone.

In my own life I have had friends with various addictions so I know how hard it is for people in these situations to live a normal and productive life. It's been a long tough road and I commend Jerry Dean for telling his story and for kicking his habits and for having a good sense of humor about it all. He tells interesting, shocking and very funny stories about his experiences. " My Father's A Cop" was co-written by director Kurt Brungardt and executive produced by Derik Howard. Cool set design and lighting by Raymond King Shurtz who also serves as an associate producer.

This show is definitely not for the faint of heart, but is a very interesting, thought provoking, entertaining and inspiring story worth seeing. "My Father's a Cop" runs through January 28th at The Lounge Theatre. Visit for more information.

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