Letter from the Editor

In addition to providing information for visitors and residents to discover the unique culture and lore of Hollywood, our publication is the "magazine for people who love Hollywood." What exactly does that mean? There's no doubt that we cram a lot of information within our 64 pages and we are the only such publication that focuses solely on Hollywood-the place. But what about the "love" part?

When I talk with a member of Hollywood Heritage, the love affair is with Old Hollywood, the Silent and Golden Eras and what remains of those times in our built environment. If my conversation is with a developer, it's about a love of potential and the financial benefit a new project will bring. When I talk with someone who's seeking to make their mark in the industry synonymous with our world-famous name, there's no doubt that that love is for fame and fortune.

Sometimes all of that does come together and it does define this place. Real estate has been a commodity in Hollywood ever since the first filmmakers arrived. The article on Hollywood's rise to fame and its industry's "factories" digested from a presentation at a Hollywood Heritage program by Richard Atkins and Christy Johnson takes us on that journey. Initially, that's what it was all about-land and plenty of it.

Although it doesn't take much real estate for Hollywood's newest attraction. What fun to see the town laid out in miniature. Another coups by Hollywood Heritage; its acquisition of the art piece created over 60 years ago, gives us a glimpse of Hollywood of yester year. Strangely, it still looks very familiar.

There's no doubt that Hollywood is at a crossroads and Keldine Huff takes us into a few of the businesses that are located at historic landmark Crossroads of the World. Plans are underway for yet another development in the vicinity. Crossroads will remain, but the addition of a few high-rise buildings nearby has the community greatly concerned.

Surely there's a solution that can satisfy all those who love Hollywood and all that it represents without killing the goose that has sustained this small but world known corner of the world for 100 years. The challenge as I see it is to maintain our scale, to protect the authenticity of the place, to build new with respect for the old, so that our unique heritage is preserved and the future is secure.

The good news is that nothing happens overnight. Hold tight to your hopes and dreams. Enjoy and partake in all it has to offer. One thing is for sure: there's never a dull moment in Hollywood.

Posted By Nyla Arslanian on July 05, 2018 06:14 pm | Permalink